Vocalist Madhumita Sanyal Continues Journey in Indian Classical Music in America (WBRi Feature)


Madhumita Sanyal Datta was born in Kolkata in a cultured, educated and music loving family. She was initiated into Indian Classical Music at the age of three by her artistic and dedicated mother Smt. Bharati Sanyal. She grew up in a musical ambience where her music connoisseur father,shri sunil Chandra sanyal, a senior Bank official, exposed her and her two musician sisters Chandrima and Sangita to different genres of music ranging from Western Classical to Hindustani Classical, Carnatic Classical, Jazz, Rabindra Sangeet, Semi Classical, Yanni. Due to this wide exposure she learnt to appreciate and was influenced by numerous aspects of music and music gradually started becoming a very integral part of her life.

A turning point in her musical career came when her parents introduced her to the doyen of Beneras Gharana, Pt Mahadev Prasad Mishra in Varanasi and she started her training under the expert  guidance of the maestro in the traditional Guru Shishya Parampara. Later she continued her training from renowned vocalists Pt.Sarathi Chatterjee, Smt.Shubada Paradkar, Sri Prasanta Samaddar, Pt.Vidyadhar Vyasa.

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She did her masters in Political Science and music from the University of Mumbai and has been a topper in MA (Music). She has performed for the All India Radio in Mumbai. Her performance at the Mumbai University auditorium in 2002 had impressed imminent vocalists like Pt.Vidyadhar Vyas (Gwallior Gharana), Pt.Feroz Dastur(Kirana Gharana),  Pt.Babban  Rao Haldankar(Agra Gwallior Gharana) who had foreseen a bright future for Madhumita as a Hindustani classical Vocalist.

She got married in 2004 and continued her musical career with her husband Diptarag  Datta who is an ardent lover of Fine Arts and loves to recite poems. Diptarag is a Senior Information Technology Analyst and has served reputed companies in senior positions. Her music assumed new dimensions with the birth of her son Abhiraaj who is an immensely talented singer and an avid lover of Indian Classical Music. Abhiraaj receives intense training in Hindustani Classical Music from his vocalist mother and at the tender age of nine he has performed in numerous avenues and attracted accolades from people of different walks of life.

Madhumita has performed in numerous concerts in India and USA which include Mumbai music conference, music concert at the International world Peace day under the guidance of the renowned Music Director Kuldeep Singh in Mumbai, Asian Mega Cultural Event at Grand Rapids , University of Pittsburgh and numerous venues in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania.  
She expresses her gratitude to god, her family which also includes her brother in law ,Kaushik dutta, niece Nilanjana, and friends for being with her in her musical journey.