Interview: JEET - The Tollywood Bengali Movie Action Hero on Sayantika, Nusrat Jahan, Bangla Films and His Aspirations

J P Mandal and Asmita Mukherjee, WBRINN (

JEET, NUSRAT JAHAN and SAYANTIKA - Kolkata Bangla New Movie Actors (Indian) in Tollywood
Nusrat Jahan (left), Jeet and Sayantika

Kolkata, India, April 15 (Washington Bangla Radio) - Tollywood superstar Jeet along with Bengali movie divas Nusrat Jahan, Sayantika and director Rajib Biswas recently appeared before the Kolkata press to promote their new Bangla movie ‘Power’.

In the press meet Jeet had a chat with Washington Bangla Radio correspondent J.P. Mandal talking about the movie, Jeet’s aspiration of being a cop, his co-actors and more. Excerpts:

NUSRAT JAHAN hot - Indian Kolkata Bengali Movie Actress
Nusrat Jahan

WBRi: You play double role in the film and in both the roles you will be seen as cops. Please tell us about the two roles.

Jeet: Yes I will be seen in two shades in ‘Power’. One is Jeetu and the other is Veer Pratap.

Veer Pratap will be seen as an officer who is allegedly very corrupt. Both my characters are of cops and they have many similarities as well as differences.

WBRi: Have you ever wanted to become a cop in real life?

Jeet: Honestly not much. I really did not have any ambition to become a cop. Neither had I ever tried for it. I may had nourished a faint wish once by getting inspired from a cop who used to live in my neighborhood. I may have got inspired seeing that guy dressed in Police uniform, riding his bike to his duty. Watching that guy earning so much respect in my neighborhood made me wish a few times that it would be good to become a cop. But that was only a momentary wish .

WBRi: You have worked with director Rajib Biswas for the first time. How is the experience?

Director Rajib Biswas
Rajib Biswas

Jeet: It was a wonderful experience to work with Rajib .I liked Rajib both as a technician and as a team mate. Rajib is always much grounded and gels with everyone very well. He kows his job well and is technically sound. I enjoyed a lot working with him.

WBRi: Nusrat had debuted with you in ‘Shotru’ a few years back. Now you two have worked again in ‘Power’. How much difference do you find in that debutante Nusrat and today’s Nusrat who is quite a few films old ?

Jeet: While working with Nusrat in ‘Power’ I have found her a much matured person than she was during the time of ‘Shotru’. She also has evolved into a much better actress over time. She is a fast learner and will become a more powerful actress with time.

WBRi: Sayantika is also working with you after ‘Awara’. How would you rate her as a co-actor?

SAYANTIKA hot - Sayantika Banerjee - Indian Bengali Movie Actress in Tollywood Kolkata

Jeet: Sayantika is a kind of person who brings in a lot of positive energy with her. She likes to talk, she likes to run around playing pranks with everyone. She always makes the unit lively.. She transfers her immense energy into everyone around her. It is always great to have her around in the sets.

WBRi: You have been working in number of remakes of other regional movies over the years. What makes you do that so regularly?

Jeet: The whole idea of making a remake is that that if one idea can work for a particular market then it can also work for another similar market if adopted properly. The content of a remake is definitely not original but it is surely a tested one. We generally choose those movies for adaptation which has very powerful entertaining elements. After all entertaining audience is the primary motive of cinema here.

WBRi: What kind of success satisfies you more? commercial or critical?

Jeet: I have always felt that art and commerce should go together in a parallel way, just like a railway track, for the industry to move on. Critical success definitely gives immense pleasure as an actor but commercial success is more important in the present scenario. A film industry cannot sustain without commercial success. Without commercial success producers would start moving away from film. This is actually happening in our industry. So a commercial success will always be more important for me.

WBRi: It is often said that ‘What Kolkata thinks today, India thinks tomorrow.’ This is actually not happening when it comes to film’s content. Would you not ever like to see yourself in a film with an original concept which will be adopted by other regional film industry?

Jeet: I have worked in many films before which had original plots and those too had been highly successful. As a matter of fact, people here are not game for taking chances of experimenting with original ideas and are keener to invest on a tested idea. But as an actor I am always game to work in an original concept provided it is powerful enough to entertain the audience.

WBRi: Are the cast and crew more comfortable with remakes as they always have a reference when working on it?

Jeet: No, cast and crew is never dependent on reference point to be comfortable. Even in a remake film, look at the songs of that film. They are all original. So while shooting them we don’t have any reference. But do we look uncomfortable while doing them? Absolutely not.

WBRi: The release of ‘Power ‘on Poila Baisakh is clashing with Goutam Ghosh’s ‘Sankhacheel’ starring Prosenjit Chatterjee which has won the national award recently. How are you looking to the clash at box office?

Jeet: ‘Power’ and ‘Sankhachil’ are two films which have entirely different types of content and treatment. They are of genres which are poles part. Both the films will have their own respective audience. So I don’t think it’s a clash in spite of having the same release date. Personally as a part of this Industry I want every film to have success at the box office. We all are part of the same family who have a common objective, i.e. the progress of Bengali film industry. So I wish that both the films do well at the box office.

WBRi: What reasons will you give the audience for watching ‘Power’?

Jeet: Power has every powerful element a film can have. It has powerful action sequences, romance, comedy , drama and above all a powerful story-line. It is a complete entertainer. No one should miss this.

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