Kolkata Restaurant Launches Bengali New Year Special Menu

By J P Mandal and Asmita Mukherjee (newsdesk.kolkata@washingtonbanglaradio.com)

Bengali New Year Food - special menu

Kolkata, India, April 12 - Bengalis are known to be the greatest foodies in the world. Though they are known for going around the planet and trying global cuisine, courtesy of  the travel bug the community is victim to but they can’t do without their traditional dishes when it comes to the Bengali New Year. Keeping this in mind a popular eatery in Kolkata recently launched a Bengali New Year special menu.

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The menu starts with welcome drinks made from raw burnt mango. Popularly known as Aam Porar sharbot all over Bengal, this drink has been re-christened as ‘Pather Panchali’ by the restaurant.

The menu has a special Bengali vegetable chop originating from the town of Mecheda in the district of East Midnapur. The vegetable chop is a delight for those who have a taste for local flavours. The non-veg lovers who love it right from the starters won’t be disappointed either as there is also butter fried chicken with onion. Though the preparation is not in a traditional Bengali  style , the restaurant has given in a Bengali twist to it by using regular Bengali ingredients.

As the foodies tread  into the main course, they will explore more preparations of Chicken as ‘Shukno Lanka Murgir Jhol’ a fiery preparation of Chicken Curry made with extensive use of Red Chilly. This is one of the oldest preparations of Chicken in Bengal and dominated the Bengali platter of spicy food for ages. The Bengali also has a love for lamb , locally known as Patha.

The menu also has the good old ‘Kosha Mangsho’ where succulent lamb pieces are cooked  to perfection. The best is saved for the last without which no Bengali meal is complete. It’s obviously fish. The menu has the best pick from Bengal’s huge range of preparations with fishes. Its Doi Ilish. This beloved dish absolutely needs no introduction to Bengalis and the name Doi Illish, (Curd + Hilsha)  says what this dish is all about.

For those who want to stick to low spice and veg items can fill their stomach  with the very tasty Narkeli Cholar Dal (Chana daal flavored with coconut chunks) accompanied with butter fried brinjals and Jhuri Aloo Bhaja (paper thin potato chips). Also do not forget to taste the Shuktoh. These preparations are compulsory for any occasions in Bengal.

On a Bengali occasion no one needs to mention the best dessert to end a meal with and it’s Rasogolla, nothing can beat it. The menu ends with that only.

Situated at Mukti World in Bally Gunge Phari, the Goldbricks restaurant will offer you a very comfortable sitting arrangement and a pleasant ambience to spend time with your family and loved ones.

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