LOVE GAMES (2016) Movie Review

By J P Mandal and Asmita Mukherjee (

LOVE GAMES (2016) Movie Poster

Kolkata, April 12 (Washington Bangla Radio) ‘Love Games’ is yet another erotic thriller from the Vishesh Films , the production house  owned by Mr. Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt . The Bhatts never get  tired of selling sex in their movie and ‘Love Games’ is no exception.

The film is about a couple named Ramona (Patralekha Paul) and Sameer (Gaurav Arora). They are not one of those regular couples who are in love with each other. They are rather bonded by lust and it is Ramona who calls the shot in their relation. She  is a kind of thrill addicted woman who likes to live on the edge. Sameer is a rich  guy who likes to party  around but  stays depressed and lonely.

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One day they decide  to bring some more adventure in their life by indulging in a game which they come across in a book titled ‘Love Games’. According to the game Ramona and Sameer need to target married couples. Ramona will seduce the husband while Sameer will seduce the wife. Whoever can take their respective target to bed first wins the round.

While on a lookout for such a couple, they stumble on Alisha (Tara Alisha Berry) and Gaurav (Hitesh Tejwani). Alisha is a surgeon while her abusive husband Gaurav is a criminal lawyer. It was a cakewalk for Ramona to seduce Gaurav but on the other side Sameer and Alisha falls in love with each other.

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Sameer now wants to dump his nasty past but Ramona, a self-confessed sex addict would not let her ‘Toy Boy’ leave. When Sameer protests , Ramona threatens him that if  he refuses to fulfil her demand then Alisha will be harmed. It’s not long that Sameer confesses all this to Alisha. Alisha gets disappointed as expected but she decides that she have had enough of  being the game object of others and started playing her own game. What happens next is unfolded in the rest of the film through numerous twists and turns.

The film, as promised in the trailer, has a lot of love making scenes but after a point one is bound to feel that they are terribly overcooked. Even the raunchy threesome affair may  not be nowhere near to awesome for the most sex starved audience.

Coming to individual performances, Patralekha as Ramona steals the show. She has the uncanny ability to juggle her body language from mischievous to naughty to evil. One needs to be told that she is the lead girl from the film ‘Citylight’.  Newcomer Gaurav Arora has an unorthodox screen presence which can be an asset for him in the coming days. He can emote quite well but his acting skills need some fine tuning for better results. Alisha has a vulnerable outlook yet she won’t make you miss the undercurrent of passion in her character. She is one of the  better actors  in the movie and her role could have been  extended. Hiten Tejwani’s character  in the film  seems  undercooked ; hence there is not much to write about his role.

The  plot of the film may remind  one of the Hollywood teen drama film ‘Cruel Intentions’. Even Patralekha’s look in the film is so close to that of  Sarah Michelle Gellar. It’s  not only ‘Cruel Intentions’  but also many past movies  from the Vishesh Films that will crop up in one’s memory while watching this film. It seems that Vikram Bhatt has tried to pick up the best spices from those films   and stuffed them into the crust of ‘Cruel Intention’. Indeed a cruel intention towards audience.

Overall ‘Love Games’ is a cocktail of sex, addiction, abuse and revenge, something the Bhatt guys seems to  eat, sleep, dream  and make always. It’s time for them to realise that the universe is large enough to hold and it does hold many other things from where a genre can be chosen from, for making a movie.

Watch ‘Love Games’ at your own risk  because it’s too dangerous for the mind.