Fashion Beyond Boundaries: Nations Come Together with Fashion and Music in Rajlakhsmi Syam Show in Kolkata, India

By J P Mandal, WBRINN (

Fashion Beyond Boundaries, Kolkata

Kolkata, March 29 - Designer and pianist Rajlakshmi Syam recently brought together a number of countries including the USA, UK , Russia, Bangladesh, India, Italy,  Korea, Kazakhstan, Thailand and Namibia in an unique evening of fashion and music in the city. The event, presented by film producer Ajoy Choudury, took place at the prestigious Bengal Club in Kolkata.

Fashion Beyond Boundaries, Kolkata

The event was inaugurated by Craig Hall, Consul General of Kolkata, the oldest United States diplomatic outpost in India. He was accompanied by his wife Meeryung Hall and German Consul General Mr. Olaf Iversen, Russian Consul General Ms. Irina Bashkirova and Thai Consul General Mr. Preecha Kaensa. The event commenced with lighting of a lamp together.

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The inaugural performance was by Arundhati, the daughter of Rajlakshmi. She presented some beautiful piano performances. The young pianist in the making once again proved herself to be a true inheritor of her mother’s skill on piano.

Ana Hall, daughter of US Consul General Kolkata Craig L. Hall and Meeryung Hall

After her performance Rajlakshmi played some brilliant tunes on the piano as the participants in the Red Carpet Fashion Walk displayed some of Rajlakshmi’s top collections. The event also saw Cathy Park’s performance on the piano that  put the audience  in a trance.

Arundhati Ghosh
Arundhati Ghosh, daughter of Rajlakshmi Syam

Ana Hall, daughter of US consul general Craig Hall was the first to walk the red carpet. She was followed by Kathrina from Moscow, Russia who displayed a red lehenga. Her fellow Russian Irina Malysheva from Gorky Sadan, the Russian cultural center in Kolkata also dazzled the red carpet in a black gown. American Uyen Posner, another representative from the United States consulate, was seen walking in an ash green and black sari. Monica from Namibia was spotted in a floral gown and Fariza from Tajikistan was seen exhibiting a grey saree. Saira Shah Halim, who is known to be one of the close friends of Rajlakshmi also walked the red carpet adding more glamour to the show.

Arundhati, Rajlakhsmi, Parijat and Saira Shah Halim
Arundhati, Rajlakshmi, Parijat and Saira Shah Halim

Actress Parijat Chakrabarty turned showstopper for this international event and she displayed a gorgeous saree, from the signature collection of Rajlakhmi’s. The actress has been endorsing Rajlakhsmi’s brand ‘Rajlakhsmi creation’ for nearly five years and has been Rajlakshmi’s showstopper for almost all her shows.

Meeryung Hall and Rajlakshmi Ghosh
Meeryung Hall and Rajlakshmi Ghosh

When asked about how she came up with such a concept, Rajlakhsmi said, “I am inspired by the thousands of years old Indian Vedic belief of ‘vasudhaiba kutumbakam’ which means the world is one family.”

About the philanthropic side of the show Rajlkashmi said, “I am aiming to restore the pride of the artisans and Indian weavers, to bring them out of their anonymous situation of being mere labourers or karigars and to reinstate them as artists and to give them confidence, security, promotion, visibility, abundance of encouragement and of course to preserve our rich heritage."

Jonathan-Ward-US-Consulate-Kolkata and
Jonathan Ward, US Consulate, Kolkata and Arundhati Ghosh

Ajoy Choudhury said on the occasion, “I am an ardent lover of music and art. Music and fashion are the most popular forms of art in this era and I am happy that I could be a part of an event which has blended the both . It is also wonderful to see so many eminent persons from different fields coming forward and supporting us. This encourages us to do  such projects  and we shall definitely do that in the near future.”

Cathy Park
Cathy Park

The event also saw the presence of Tollywood Bengali movie industry actors, actresses and celebrities including director Manoj Michigan, actor Shataf Figar, singer Lagnajita Chakrabarty, producer Satrajit Sen, designer Tejas Gandhi, music director Abhishek Basu and others.

Irina from Gorky Sadan (Russian)
Irina from Russia