Prosenjit Chatterjee promotes Onnyo Bosonto along cast and crew

Reporting by Jyoti Prakash Mandal
Pics courtesy: Moumi Sharma Chatterjee

Kolkata, April 18, 2015 (Washington bangla Radio):  Tollywood Megastar Prosenjit Chatterjee is leaving no stone unturned to keep the Bengali film industry afloat and going. He has recently tied up with Zee Bangla channel to produce Bengali movies which will be directly premiered in the channel without having a big screen release.

The initiative titled Zee Bangla originals already had two of its productions released. The third production ‘Onnyo Bosonto’ is ready to be aired on 19th April. Prosenjit Chatterjee along with cast and crew of Onnyo Bosonto graced the press conference of the movie.

                                       Prasenjit Chateerjee

Prosenjit Chatterjee said at the promotional event of the movie that Television caters to the largest number of audience and this kind of venture is getting extremely successful.
“Audience are more shifting their preference to television even while watching movies. So catering those movies even before releasing them in theatres will work well. Two productions have already received huge responses from the audience. We are looking forward to the third venture titled Onnyo Bosonto.” said Prosenjit Chatterjee.

Aditi Roy, director of the film also echoed the word of the producer.  “We can reach greater number of audience through Television. One has to buy ticket and go all the way to the theatre hall to watch a movie whereas they can watch television at the comfort of their home with no additional expenses.”


When asked about if she is missing the big screen releases affair, Aditi said, “When I am making a movie I do not think about the platform on which it will be released or not. But I do admit that there is a lot more challenge while making a project for television.”

When WBRi asked him how different was making a making for television “All the process of making a movie was same but that to be done with a much smaller timeframe. That was quite a bit of challenge but the entire unit enjoyed this challenge.”

                                            Aditi Roy

About Prosenjit Chatterjee’s involvement in the film as a producer Adiiti said, “Bumba da was very much involved as a producer. In fact it was him who chose the story for us. He personally cared for every minute detail whether it is about looks of the characters or the camera works.”

Amrita Chattopadhya, the pretty Kolkata girl who made her debut in Aniket Chattopadhaya film ‘Bou Palalo jana Diye” seemed too excited about her next movie Onno Bosonto. She said that she liked Aditi roy’s previous venture Abosheshey  and so she said yes to the projected as soon as she was approached by the director.

She added that she had read the story much before and it had touched her inside which was another reason for her to be excited about the movie.

She also shared her treasured moments of sharing screen space with Nawazuddin Siddique in the upcoming movie ‘Anwar ka ajab kissa’ directed by Buddhadeb Dasgupta. She said, “Nawaz is a very down to the earth person. In spite of being such a big star he believes in utmost simplicity. We were shooting at an old house in Kolkata It was very hot and Nawaz had to sit in a room where there was no Air conditioner, neither any cooler. The only fan was too slow to bring any comfort. I asked him why he has not sought a vanity van for him. He said that he wanted to be in such an ambience as it will take him deeper into his character. I learned a lot from that actor.”

When asked how she would like to see him after five years, she said, “I want to see myself as a better actor. That is my sole priority in my career.”

The film has Kaushik, Rajdeep Ghosh and Amrita in the lead along with Kamaleshwar Mukherjee, Pallavi Chatterjee and Manasi.


                                                       Amrita Chattopadhaya

“ I play Abhimanyu who is a small time businessman. He is not any near to ambitious. He is a simple guy who wants to lead a simple life.” Kaushik said about his character in the film.

Rajdeep said, “I play Sounak who is totally opposite to Abhimanyu. Sounak is ambitious, wants to earn a lot of money and is totally materialistic.Sounak and  Abhimanyu forms the conflict in the film.Amrita plays the love interest of both Sounak and Abhimanyu and thus a love triangle is formed.”


                                             Pallabi Chatterjee

The press meet was also graced by Kamaleswar Mukherjee and Pallavi Chatterjee who plays parents to Amrita’s Character in the movie. Singer Lagnajita and director duo Sudeshnaroy and Avijit Guha were also present at the event.  


The movie is based on a story by Suchitra Bhattacharya and has been scripted by Neel B Mitra. It will have its television premiere on 19th April followed by a number of telecasts in the coming days.

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