Manoj Michigan’s 89 to launch its own mobile app

Kolkata, April 06, 2015(Washington Bangla Radio) Bengali movies are going miles for their promotions. They are seeking the technical edge to increase their reach to the tech savvy generations.  The latest movie to have its own mobile app is none other than Manoj Michigan’s crime thriller 89 which will have its commercial release on April 24 after creating a furore in many film festivals.

How a mobile app for film is useful?

The mobile apps will provide the audience with an interactive media with which they will get a better sneak peak of the updates about the movie, teaser, theatrical trailers, music, songs, interviews of cast and crew, the list of theatre halls and many more. Audience can also participate in the different contests related to the movie through the apps.  The app also enables them to shoot feedbacks, opinions and enquiries to the cast and crew.

                             The way Mobile app of 89 will show on phone screen

But one can ask that all these can happen through a website. Then why an app is needed for the movie?

Mobile Apps have many advantages over a website.
1.    A Mobile App is much faster than a website. It takes a second to launch a Mobile App. It can take up to several minutes for a Mobile Web site to load in an area with bad reception.
2.    Mobile Apps can function offline where Mobile Web Sites cant.

3.    Mobile Apps Enable Push Notifications for Direct Contact with audience but Mobile Web Sites don’t.

4.     Mobile App is always visible on our phone's home screen which do not happens to websites.

5.    Mobile Apps appear in the Apps Stores but websites don’t.

What is the trend of using mobile apps in movies?

Apps are regularly used for the promotion of Hollwyoood movies. The trend has also been adapted by Bollywood movies recently. The trends steps into Bengali film industry with the movie 89.

The mobile apps for 89, a brainchild of the presenter Satrajit Sen will be launched on April 8. Get ready to welcome the first Bengali Crime thriller movie app and be a part of the technological milestone. Decades later any Bengali Film related quiz will have this question: Which Bengali crime thriller movie was the first to have an mobile app? We already know the answer.

Reporting by Jyoti Prakash Mandal