WBRI Movie Review : Bitnoon

Director Duo Abhijit Roy and Sudeshna Guha are known for conjuring good entertainers on screen.  Their latest venture Bitnoon is no exception.

Ritwick and Gargi plays a married couple in the film.

Rahul is a corporate guy.

Mou is a homemaker and most of her time passes caring for their eight years old son.

They together make a happy family but the thrill, excitement and romance between Rahul and Mou has started to fade away with the passing years. Rahul longs for the Old Spice (not the after shave lotion) that time has shaved off from their relation.

To rekindle the romance, Rahul is always looking for a chance to get intimate with his wife. But whenever he finds a chance…

We find their eight year old son appearing out of nowhere flushing away their passionate moments, anywhere and anytime. To be Precise: always.

Even in dreams.. !

Enters Rusha (Saayoni Ghosh) in Rahul’s taxi and vice versa.  It is not long before Rahul finds her performing at his office’s annual function. Like every filmy co-incidence this adds a new dimension to the story. Not much time is wasted (after all gone is the era of three hours film) before Rusha starts a steamy affair with the starved man.

Things go off-track in Rahul’s life as he tries to balance his family, office and the new found affair.  His priorities also changed. 

But Rahul’s affair with Rusha doesn’t take a smooth road either.  The moment of intimacy keeps eluding them again and again. So they decide to get ‘Far from the madding crowd’.  They escape to a tourist lodge far from Kolkata. But fate (Read : Padvanava Dasgupta’s script) brings Rahul’s wife to the very same lodge.  Mou arrives at the very lodge with a bunch of old friends. Really..Why should Husbands have all the fun?