FFACE all set to take flight with a calendar launch

By Jyoti Prakash Mandal

Kolkata, April 29 (Washington Bangla Radio) The City of Joy is all ready to welcome yet another fashion platform as the brand new project FFACE is all set to get launched with its first ever calendar launch. The calendar features two sizzling face from Tollywood in the form Riddhima Ghosh and SayaniDutta along with a bunch of fresh faces.

This promising platform is the brain child of Neil Roy. Neil when contacted By Washington Bangla Radio and was enquired of how this initiative got started, he simply pointed out to one of the pages of FFACE’s official website which beared the very answer to the enquiry. The page had Neil’s own words about what made him take this initiative. The page read, “The entire idea of Fame Fashion and Creative Excellence (FFACE) came to my mind while having a very casual discussion with someone who aspires to be professional photographer but was lacking the platform to show his talent. It’s just not him, but there are plenty of other people around us who are aspiring actors, photographers, models, designers, makeup artists and so on and so forth. They want to make a mark into the world of glamour. They often ask if they are needed to be associated with someone from the industry or would they need to be a son or a daughter of a celebrity parent.My spontaneous answer was, no. Then how? This is where FFACE was born. I thought of creating a platform for the young, fresh and talented people in the field of Film, Fashion and Creative Excellence. I ran this idea with all my close friends who have earned a name for themselves in this scintillating glamour and creative world. Everyone I approached welcomed the idea and was more than helpful to assist. Thus I gained courage to take a step forward.Fame Fashion and Creative Excellence will publish its conceptual annual calendar featuring fresh models, designers, photographers, makeup artists to showcase their talent. Each edition of this calendar will also feature few prominent names from film and fashion who will be an inspiring factor for the new comers. FFACE calendar will be distributed to all the leading Film, Fashion and Media Houses across the country opening a gateway to the deserving”



FFACE is being supervised by some of the very well-known names in the Fashion and Entertainment industry. The core committee comprises of Lopamudra Mandal Saha, the fashion designer and socialite who with her killer curves and toned bod can be often mistaken for a model rather. Indroneel Mukherjee, another popular fashion designer from the city has also been roped in the core committee. The core team also includes Samrat Das, one of the top shutterbugs from the city who captures candid moments of fashion and nightlife gigs of the city.


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WBRI also found that FFACE also has a superb advisory committee. Ace fashion Designer AbhishekDutta and celebrated Fashion photographer KaustavSaikia will enrich the project as honorary governing body. The third name in the governing body is a real surprise. He is none other than sensational filmmaker Raj Chakrabarty.

Learning about this particular inclusion WBRi could not help asking Neil, “How Raj Chakrabarty is contributing in this inititiave? Unlike everyone else he is from the film world rather than fashion arena. So what are we expecting from him here?

Neil replied, “Raj is a very close friend of mine. So when I had this idea. I approached him and he welcomed it with open arms.Thisplatform is just not for fashion.FFACE is for people who wants to be a part of the glamour world and will provide opportunities to the fresh talents in the field of Film, television and other related areas along with Fashion world.”

Designer Indroneel Mukherjee who has designed the clothes for FFACE’s first calendar shoot told WBRi, “I am very excited about the launch day of the calendar as the models will be sporting bikinis created by me. All the bikinis have been specially designed keeping the colors of the calendar in mind. We have chosen different colour for each month.”

Indroneel who is fondly called as ‘Neely’ by his close friends is a self-confessed indolent designer but is known to concoct wonders with fabrics when he is in a creative mood. Its beyond doubt that the deadly combination of Indrooneel’s creations, that’s too bikinis, sizzling models and a host of other celebs from the town will kick up a storm on the launch day. No wonder the weather department has predicted a thundershower on that day.


The FFACE calendar is going to get launched on 4th May in a glamorous RED CARPET event.