ATMOGOPON Bangla Movie an Exciting Story but Unispiring Execution: Review, Story, Wallpaper

By Priyanka Dutta

A Still from Atmogopon (2013) Tollywood Indian Kolkata Bangla Movie - Wallpaper (Poster): Abhishek Chatterjee, Mumtaz Sorcar
Abhishek Chatterjee, Mumtaz Sorcar in a shooting still from Atmogopon (2013)

Kolkata, April 29, 2013 (Washington Bangla With a police van chasing him, Vijay (Abhishek Chatterjee) runs for his life. The cops are after him for the murder of Satyabrata Ray, an influential MLA. The supporters of the slain MLA are also hot in pursuit to avenge murder. Vijay takes shelter in the home of a retired school teacher named Amulya Ghosh. Amulya Ghosh lives in the house with his only daughter Anu (Mumtaz Sorcar). Vijay gains shelter in the house only after threatening the innocent teacher.

A Still from Atmogopon (2013) Tollywood Indian Kolkata Bangla Movie - Wallpaper (Poster): Abhishek Chatterjee, Mumtaz Sorcar

Meanwhile the police come searching for him at the house. Anu saves him for the moment by deceiving the cops with her lies. After much questioning by the father-daughter duo, Vijay opens up and explains why he committed the murder.

Director Somnath Sen and actor Abhishek Chatterji
Somnath Sen & Abhishek Chatterjee

Rinku (Sanjukta Raychoudhury) whom Vijay loves was killed by the MLA and this is the reason why he killed him. Vijay becomes comfortable with the residents of the house and comes to know that Anu is being blackmailed. Anu is sexually exploited by her employer but cannot reveal it out of fear of harming her father’s reputation. The rest of the story shows whether Vijay can escape the wrath of the police and party supporters and whether Anu can free herself from the clutches of her evil boss.

Somnath Sen is both the director as well as the story writer of this film. The suspense about what will happen to the school teacher and his daughter who gets threatened by a murderer makes for an interesting start to the film. It is in the second half that the film starts to drag and interest that was built in the first half wanes. The director loses the well laid plot in the end which he had so skillfully unfolded in the first half.

The music of the film is not exactly outstanding. Firoze Islam’s music is neither hummable nor memorable. Songs like “Pratham dakhai ami dilam tomai” and “Annay abichar” struggle to strike a chord.

Abhishek Chatterjee playing the role of Vijay looks visibly shaky in some scenes. It seems as if he was not in his best of enthusiasm while shooting for the scenes. He also goes over the top in a few scenes.

A Still from Atmogopon (2013) Indian Bangla Movie

Mumtaz Sorcar as Anu is a little too loud here and there where her expressions of anxiety, fear, sadness and happiness may come across as melodramatic. Her character strives to evoke sympathy in the minds of the audience.

New Kolkata Bangla Movie Atmogopon Wallpaper Poster

Sanjukta Raychoudhury as Rinku does not have much to do. She sings a romantic number with Abhishek, delivers half a dozen dialogues and gets killed.

Abhishek Chatterjee
Abhishek Chatterjee

Atmogopon falls short of impressing despite a great plot. The exciting story may be it's savior.

New Kolkata Bangla Movie Atmogopon Wallpaper Poster

New Indian Bangla Movie Atmogopon Wallpaper Poster