ARJUN (2013) Detective Crime Mystery Bangla Movie Preview, Story, Wallpaper and Trailer

By Jyoti Prakash Mandal

Actor OM as ARJUN Wallpaper Poster

Kolkata, April 29, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): The Tollywood Indian Kolkata Bengali movie industry has always ridden high with crime mystery genre movies, especially with cinematic adaptations of iconic sleuths like Feluda, Kakababu and Byomkesh Bakshi. It is rightly said that Bengali literature has some of the best detectives in the world. Another such well-known detective is going to hit the big screen in the form of Arjun, the highly popular sleuth and an immortal character created by writer Samaresh Majumdar.

Directed by Prem Modi, the film is going to tell the story of two Arjun series novels: Khoon Kharapi and Kalimgpong-e Sitahoron. The novels are second and third in the series. The plot of the film will also have flashes of the first novel Khutimari Range to maintain continuity of the series.

Newcomer actor Om, who has worked as background dancer for quite a while, has been roped in for the title role of Arjun. Om also has some acting experience in Television serials.

Arjun has a super-intellegient mentor in the form of Amol Shom, played by Sabyasachi Chakrabarty whose remarkable portrayal of Feluda is remembered as one of the best of all Bengali detectives on film.

Arjun is an adventurous young guy in North Bengal. Though he is not a professional detective like Feluda or Byomkesh, he has a passion for digging out the truth and reveal it. The film is about Arjun’s investigations into the possible abduction of a lady named Sita. Sita’s father is worried about his daughter as there were threats of her abduction. He therefore hires Amol Shom to identify those behind the conspiracy. Amol then assigns Arjun to do the job.

Watch Arjun Bengali Movie 2013 KALINGPONG-E SITAHORON Theatrical Trailer (You Tube)

Actress Raya Chouwdhury will debut on the big screen as Sita. The film also stars Dipankar De playing Raya’s troubled father. Churni Ganguly will also be seen in the pivotal role of Nilam, governess of Raya. Reports indicate Churni will appear in a hitherto unseen look in this film. Veteran actors Manoj Mitra and Biswajeet Chakrabarty will be seen playing important characters in the film as well. David Chen, a Chinese in Kolkata who runs a footwear store in the city, will also be making his debut as an actor in the film. Raj Banerjee, another youngster will be seen getting into the skin of a major character of the story.

Set in the year 2000, the film will sport the characters in modern day avatars and the makers hope the film will easily connect with the present generation. They are also hoping Arjun will grab a foothold in the film industry and will create his own brand value.