Aashiqui 2: A Complex Romantic Story - Review, Story, Wallpaper and Trailer

Aashiqui 2

Cast: Aditya Roy Kapur, Shraddha Kapur, Shaad Randhawa, Mahesh Thakur
Directed by: Mohit Suri
Review by: Faisal Saif
Ratings:  *  *

A scene from Indian Bollywood hindi movie Aashiqui 2 (Ashiqui 2)

Mumbai, April 24, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): Trust me Aashiqui 2 doesn't even have the capacity to stand next to 1990's money-spinner Aashiqui. Yes Ashiqui 2 very much reminds you of Hrishikesh Mukherjee's 1973's classic Abhimaan starring Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan (Bhaduri). The film also reminds you of Ananth Mahadevan directed long forgotten flick Dil Vil Pya Vyar's track which had R.Madhavan and Namrata Shirodkar (If anyone remembers the film).

Wallpaper Poster - Indian Bollywood hindi movie Aashiqui 2 (Ashiqui 2)

Rahul Jaykar (Amitabh Bachchan)! Ooops.. (Sorry, I got carried away). Rahul Jaykar (Aditya Roy Kapur) is a singing star. He falls in love in the story with the voice of Aarohi Shirke (Jaya Bhaduri)! (Sorry again).. Aarohi Shirke (Shraddha Kapoor) who aspires to be a singer and sings at small joints. Aarohi sings one of Rahul's song in a different but a unique way (This was new in the script, Of course) and this is what hit's Rahul on his heart. Rahul takes it upon himself and decides to make Aarohi a singing star. He convinces her by building her confidence (Yes! You can do it Types) and even arranges for her audition with the music baron. Rahul proposes Aarohi and they both fall in love.

The plot continues with Aarohi's career taking off with flying colors. And Rahul's career starts dropping. There comes a point where Rahul starts hating his own identity and Aarohi makes a decision to save her Love-Life! Because that is what both the film's poster said.. Love Makes Life Live!

As far as the performances are concerned, Aditya Roy Kapur has already proved that he is a Brilliant Actor and there are no second thoughts about it. Aashiqui 2 is only worth watching for some breath-taking performances by the leads. Shraddha Kapoor sounds very promising once again. She has done this challenging role at her ease. This actress will go a very long way provided given her good scripts and roles. Other supporting cast including Shaad Randhawa and Mahesh Thakur are good in their respective part.

Director Mohit Suri who has directed Thrillers and Chillers earlier, Tries out a Romantic complex story. He is a good director (No doubts), But the poor writing by Shagufta Rafique ruins his entire hard work. There is seriously nothing new in Aashiqui 2 which you haven't witnessed earlier in other films, But still Mohit Suri tried real hard to save this show with his amazing Film-making skills. Music of the film is good. especially the songs 'Tum Hi Ho', 'Sun Raha Hai' and 'Piya Aaye Na'. But unfortunately they won't be remembered in a long listening. The camera work is good.

Wallpaper Poster - Indian Bollywood hindi movie Aashiqui 2 (Ashiqui 2)

To cut the entire explanation short, Don't even think of comparing anything (Including the Music) of this film with 1990's classic Aashiqui. Those who are die-hard Bhatt-Camp movie fans, Please don't care about my Review and proceed to the Cinema-Halls.

Others, Let me warn you there are some people out there who are trying to en-cash their Old Brand in a New Bottle which can give you some digestion problems.

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