From the Floors: Kaal Madhumash Bangla Movie Wraps Up Shooting, Actors Reveal Story and Characters

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN

Rimjhim Gupta and Arindam Sil Shoot a Scene in Kaal Madhumash
Rimjhim Gupta, Arindam Sil

Kolkata, April 23, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): A two-level house in white and red is the location for the last day shooting of Probir Roy’s film “Kal Madhumash”. Punascha Bagan Bari is situated in Hariharpur, about twenty kilometers from Kolkata. The lush green environment around the house provides a great contrast to the quarrel scene enacted inside by the lead actors of the film Arindam Sil and Rimjhim Gupta.

“This confrontation scene is important as it helps to highlight Sathi’s protest against the misdeeds of her husband” said the director Probir Roy. Present at the shoot was Sudip Sarkar who is also playing an important character in the film.

Speaking with this WBRI correspondent, the director gave us a sneak peek into the story of film Kaal Madhumas. Before donning the hat of the director, Probir Roy was a producer.  Under his production serials like Grihodaho were made.

“This film is essentially a love story. The film revolves around Kunal Mitra (Arindam Sil) who is a well known and dominating lawyer. Sathi (Rimjhim Gupta) joins the law firm and slowly falls in love with him. Their age difference does not pose a problem. However after marriage she understands that Kunal is different from the man she though him to be. He is influential, dominating and can do anything to achieve success. Sathi becomes dejected. She falls in love with another man, Sarit (Sudip Sarkar) of her age who lives in the neighborhood. Kunal utilizes his influence and gets him arrested. What follows next is the rest of the story” said the director talking about the plot of the film.

A major portion of the film has been shot in Kolkata. Outdoor shooting has been done in Lava and Kalimpong. There are four songs in the film. “The music and the songs have a feel of the music that one heard in the sixties era. People will enjoy it. Biplab Chakraborty who has composed the music for my film has done a great job” added the director.

Actor Sudip Sarkar
Sudip Sarkar

Sudip Sarkar who plays the role of Sarit in the film felt that acting with Rudranil Ghosh and Rimjhim Gupta is indeed challenging. The challenge is due to the fact that they have acted in a number of films earlier and he has to match up with their acting skills. “Sarit is an introvert who lives in the neighborhood of Sathi. He has a widowed mother. He falls in love with Sathi and then faces trouble from her husband” said the actor.

Present at the location was actress Rimjhim Gupta, who is playing the role of Sathi. “Sathi is a very simple character. She is like the girl next door. Sathi’s falling in love with a man older than her and then realizing the flaws in him is what makes the character challenging to me. This also adds to its appeal also. The way she confronts her husband against his crooked ways is what makes her a strong woman”. The actress is presently also having discussions on several other film projects.

Director Probir Roy
Director Probir Roy

Arindam Sil plays the character of Kunal which he describes in one word: “Characterless”. “Kunal is initially a dominating character. It is later on in the film that his psychological problems are revealed. This is an interesting character no doubt” said the actor. The actor who has completed acting in “Aschorjo Pradeep” is now busy thinking about the plot of his next film.

Arindam Sil also expressed disappointment on the state of affairs in television. The status of serials now is very bad and this is the reason why the actor is seen less in serials now. He also spoke out against the tendency of stereotyping actors. “Arindam Sil looks good in suit. Hence all the corporate roles will be done by him. I dislike this stereotyping and hence I have stopped doing roles as a form of protest” said the acclaimed actor.

Kaal Madhumas is already in the post-production stage and is slated to release within  a few months.