Rockomania Apocalypse Kolkata Bangla Band Songs Album Release

By Barshali Banerjee / WBRINN

Upal, Omprakash and Debadyuti
Omprakash Upal and Debadyuti

Kolkata, April 23, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): DBS Music, one of the newest and promising music companies in Kolkata is all geared up to rock the young music lovers with their latest venture Rockomania Apocalypse. Recently the city music store Music World experienced the truest Rock fever peaked amongst the music lovers which made the assembled members of different rock bands along with Debadyuti Sanyal, the sole person behind the DBS Music at the formal launch of the Rockomania Apocalypse.

Upal, Omprakash and Debadyuti

DBS Music has embarked on its new journey with some fresh voices and youngsters across the city, from different colleges and even from suburbs, whom Debadyuti, another zealous musician pulled together for their deliberate passion about music.  Debadyuti, whose brainchild is the DBS Music, welcomed dignitaries like Upal Sengupta, one of the chief vocalists of Bangla band Chandrabindoo, Prof. Omprakash Mishra, a leading member of All India Congress party, and other celebrated band members in unveiling the album that featured 12 upcoming bands. In addition to that not just the people from the music industry but noted journalist and news anchor like Moupia Nandi, put a special weightage to the event with her presence at the album launch where the future stars from the music industry were waiting for a new voyage to the sea of music.   

Bringing new talented musicians by launching the album ‘Rockomania Apocalypse’ Debadyuti expressed his feelings to the media, “What else I can say about it? It is nothing but a dream come true experience for me. Rockomania was the first pillar of my professional career with whom my dream took a flight. Today it is my immense pleasure indeed that Rockomania in association with DBS Music is unfolding a new run with this chunk of upcoming bands hailing from Kolkata and distant districts all across our state.”

Later on Sanyal added that 12 bands have been selected from every nook and corner of the West Bengal as in places like Howrah, Midnapore, Murshidabad, Bolpur, Durgapur, Uttarpara, DumDum, Barasat  and South Kolkata from where the young talented musicians were picked for Rockomania.

Escape Velocity, Phaltu, Blood, Phoenix- X, Kaahon, Psyclone, Jannat, Spoiler Alert, Parijat, Crematory Art, Delete, Prince N Sambit are those bands who made a mark in the album Rockomania Apocalypse.

While summarizing on the various bands featuring in the album, Mr. Sanjay Ghosh and Ananya Dasupta, the two masterminds behind the concept of Rockomania , illuminated to WBRi, “In point of fact Rockomania is our baby, whose promotional part is being looked after by DBS Music. Today with all their co-operation the band members are getting poised and from now on people can listen to their album through a music album. But these talented artistes had not been marked earlier.”

“In our time nobody provided with us the right platform, which we needed like anything and consequently could not easily fulfill our dreams as organizers or music directors were not much in positive about the future of band music in West Bengal. They did not believe that this particular genre of music could sustain for a long period. But at present the same people are using this genre of music at their own promotional events” said the duo at the album launch.

Being the integral part of the album launch, Upal Sengupta, one of the lead man of ‘Chandrabindoo’ band shared his thoughts about the new singled out talented artists through this attempt namely Rockomania to WBRi, “I am looking forward to listen to these youngsters very eagerly as I am fond of fresh music. We started some twenty years back when we also had got the same treatment from the so-called biggies in the music industry as they used to think our music is valueless, crap and could never leave everlasting after –effect onto the listener’s minds. But now till date people are listening to us. So, the bottom-line of the story is if you have the potentiality you have to struggle to prove that. We also need beginner to compare our works with their, as we are growing old. For the sake of reviving newness into our music the learners must be brought into the field of music offering them generous scopes.”

The lead man of Chandrabindoo more added, “I was listening to the first track of the album which is indeed soulful if you keep aside the genre or term ‘band music’. It is all about good music these youngsters want to convey through their music that I felt while listening to their music. Most importantly if they have this class of maturity in their composed music in the beginning, I am quite sure of the fact that they will go beyond  the present top bands like Chandrabindoo, Bhoomi, Fossils or Cactus or other bands which started journey with us.”