ROCKY Bangla Movie Introduced to Kolkata

By Jyoti Prakash Mandal / WBRINN

Mithun Chakraborty, Pooja Bose and Mimoh
Mithun, Pooja Bose and Mimoh

Mimoh Chakrabarty or Mahakhsay Chakrabarty, son of Mithun Chakraborty, is finally ready to woo the Kolkata Bangla movie audience as his first Bengali film ‘Rocky’ is just days away from releasing. In a star-studded press meet, the father and son duo of Mithun and Mimoh Chakrabarty along with cast and crew members promoted the film and shared their thoughts and expectations.

Pooja Bose, Mimoh and Sujoy
Pooja Bose, Mimoh and Sujjoy

N.K.Salil has written the script for the film and at the press meet he was also seen as the emcee of the event. He started the session announcing that like every year Venkatesh films will present a good movie to the audience on the occasion of Bengali New Year. He also said that this year it will be special because after a long effort Venkatesh films has been able to rope in Mimoh in the film.

After thanking the producers for their support, N.K.Salil handed over the microphone to Mithun Chakrabarty to speak.

Mithun said, “In my long career I have known that very few people keep word in this industry. Two years back, in this same Hotel, Venkatesh films organized a press meet to announce that they will produce a film with Mimoh in the lead. And today it is finally on the verge of release. So I am really thankful to the producers. I am also happy to see that N.K. Salil, who has written dialogues for me numerous times and produced huge hits, has treated the dialogues same way for Mimoh. More over director Sujit Mondal has also handled Mimoh extremely well. And when it comes to guiding Mimoh, I should say that Pooja Bose has done a better job than me. Jeet Ganguly has also has done a fabulous job as music composer and the music  video of song ‘Rocky Bhai’ is already a hit. Now we need the love and blessings of the audience to make the film successful.”

After that the microphone was handed over to Mimoh. He said that he is feels really lucky to make his debut in Indian Bangla movie Industry in such a grand way and it was a wonderful experience for him to work under director Sujit Mondal. He later said that he would like to do at least one Bengali film every year.

Mimoh also revealed that he is taking Bengali speaking lessons to pick up the language well.

Watch Rocky Bhai Video Song from ROCKY (2013) Kolkata Bengali Movie feat. Mimoh Chakraborty Pooja Bose (You Tube)

Director Sujit Mondal said “Every director has a dream to work with people of the status I have worked with for this film and I am quite lucky to have done that. Everyone has worked as a unit. The actors have given their best. And though Jeet Ganguly is always accused of composing the best songs for me but I am just happy with that and hope that Raaj will keep doing so.”

Indian Kolkata Bangla Movie ROCKY (2013)

Upcoming actor Sujjoy Ghosh was highly praised by Mithun Chakrabarty who said Sujjoy has great potential and he even instructed Mimoh to watch and learn from Sujjoy’s approach to acting.

Sujjoy plays a grey character in the film and said he is proud to share space with so many big names of the industry and he has also learned a lot from the experience he gained while shooting this film.

Sujjoy later expressed immense happiness for being so highly appriecated by one of the icons of Indian cinema. He said that he was just speechless when he heard those words from Mithun Chakrabarty.

Rocky will open on 26th of April and there is much speculation that loads of comparisons are waiting for Mimoh as people will measure him with his legendary father. After all being a super-star's kid is not always about advantages.