Music Duo RaOol Follow Up Meri Rani (Set to Blow) with Dhuwan

RaOol: Australian singer-songwriter ‘D Wunder’ and DJ, Producer ‘Macks Wolf’Mumbai, April 20, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): Following the major success of their debut single ‘Meri Rani’ (Set to Blow), RaOol have decided to create a B-side which was released on Buzz Radio and aired live straight from the studio.

The incredible music duo – consisting of Australian singer/songwriter D Wunder and DJ/Producer Macks Wolf – received a phenomenal response with their debut track which took the internet by storm! The revolutionary single - Meri Rani (Set to Blow) -was an immediate hit, smashing records by topping the iTunes World Music Chart and snapping up the Number 1 spot.

Now RaOol are ‘set to blow’ once again but this time with ‘Dhuwan’. The fresh new track follows in Meri Rani’s footsteps, in keeping with RaOol’s unique, genre-breaking sound with a mash-up of Hindi and English lyrics, set to an electronica/hip hop fusion beat! It’s clear that these boys are definitely here to stay.

RaOol: Australian singer-songwriter ‘D Wunder’ and DJ, Producer ‘Macks Wolf’ at Buzz Radio
Buzz Radio

To hear the preview of the track check it out with the player at the top of this post. Also take a look at this video of the boys in the Buzz Radio studio exclusively premiering ‘Dhuwan’.

Dhuwan - RaOol - Meri Rani (Set To Blow) B-Side - World Exclusive on Buzz Radio with Tarv (You Tube)

So stay tuned for ‘Dhuwan’ - the full track – coming soon.