Emraan Hashmi chief guest at the Media Cup 2013

Indian Bollywood Film Actor Emraan Hashmi

Mumbai, April 20, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): Hindi film industry's "Hitman", Emraan Hashmi tried his hand at batting and faced the cricket ball in spite of a shoulder injury, during the ongoing RSBL presents Media Cup 2013, that has been organised by the Media Sports Academy.

Hitman Hashmi, as Emraan Hashmi is called in the film industry for his consecutive hits, posed with the journalists who are a part of the Media Cup which is being played between the journalists of the leading channels and newspapers totalling 84 media teams.

Hashmi, during the Media-Cup cricket tournament congratulated all the players for showing sportsmanship spirit and also competing amongst themselves in things other than news gathering.

Hashmi enjoyed the game for some time and was happy as it reminded him about his school and college days.

Hashmi added that he was happy with the response he is getting for his film "Ek Thi Daayan" and said that he would love to feature in an horror film every year.

"I like to give due importance and roles to my female co-stars and at times am happy at taking the backstage and I do not dominate my directors and also others", said Hashmi.

Hashmi also congratulated the committee members of the Media Sports Academy for organising such a tournament for more than a decade and gave his good wishes for many such tournaments and hoped that the tournament achieve"s greater heights.

Indian Bollywood Film Actor Emraan Hashmi

Calvin Joshua, the General Secretary of the Media Sports Academy said that the tournament has teams from more than 84 media organisations and celebrities like Emraan Hashmi add glamour and colour to the event which is organised for the media fraternity so that they can relieve some pressure off them and help them have a good time at the tournament.

This year the Media Cup has been sponsored by Riddhi Siddhi Bullion Limited, Mohit Kambhoj group, P7, and N-Force.

Indian Bollywood Film Actor Emraan Hashmi

Jawahar Nadar, the Chairman of the Media Sports Aacdemy said, "the event which was very small in 2003, when we started and now it has grown leaps and bonds and teams from all media houses want to play and now it has become an prestige issue for the media organisations  and celebrities like Hitman Hashmi, add glamour and weightage to the tournament."

The finals of the tournament will be played on May 26th, 2013.