Mir Introduces Wireless Cellular Wi-Fi Hotspot to Kolkata

By Barshali Banerjee / WBRINN

Umang Lalani and Mir
Umang Lalani and Mir

Kolkata, April 16, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): Lalani e-Tech City, one of the largest e-stores with a complete range of IT and office automation equipment in Eastern India and part of Lalani Group, recently arranged a special business launch of their state-of-the-art Tata Photon Wi-Fi router. Mir, the versatile man who wears many hats of anchor, actor, emcee and RJ, did the honors and also launched the ‘Buy and Learn Program’ that will continue till 20th of April. Mir, being the brand ambassador of the renowned technology store, spoke of the need of being techno-savvy in these days and shared his own techno mantras with the world.

At the launch of the the Router that is a very unique combination of Olive and its sole service provider Tata Photon that can connect up to 20 people at the same time, Mir told WBRi, "It is not my birthday today but I am feeling very fortunate to get the opportunity of being the first user of this awesome device. As I have to travel a lot with my friends and team members of Bandage, we need to be connected all the time with wi-fi technology.  It will be a great support system for all hi-tech youngsters who eat, drink and live with super advanced technology."

In his habitual manner of playing jugglery with words, Mir added “Once I pronounced the word  ‘Wifee’ as I believed wife and wi-fi are equivalent in that they are connected to you all the time. Through this device it has become very much easier to create your own hotspot in the internet space on the move.”

When asked about his passion for gadgets, Mir chuckled and said “Yes I can consider myself a gadget freak. My profession demands sharing of a database which cannot be done without my laptop. Once it was my personal computer, then laptop took its place, and since then it has been ever changing. Tablet, iPad, my Smartphone all have come one by one. Finally adding another feather to the cap it is time for the Tata Photon - Wi-fi Router”.

Mir with Wireless Wi-fi hotspot
Mir with Wireless Wi-fi hotspot

When the favourite RJ was asked to name two things that he could not do without, he instantly said, “Obviously the first one is my daughter without whom I cannot think anything and the second one is my cell phone. Without these two I will go totally mad.”

Revealing the latest about his professional career and new projects in the pipeline Mir told WBRi, “Mirakkel has been showing miracles since its inception, and is in its 7th consecutive season. The viewership of the show is going up day by day. Let us watch how many more days it can maintain its continuous run.”

“Travelling with my Bandage band for live concerts is really fun as I said earlier. Apart from that in my 19-years old career in the media industry the greatest thing I love is speaking non-stop as an RJ”, Mir added.

“Nevertheless, after the grand success of Bhooter Bhabishyot where people loved my performance, their expectations from me have increased. So, next people will get to see me in Birsha Dasgupta's film ‘Abhishopto Nighty’. Acting is a pleasure indeed”.

Mir with Wireless Wi-fi hotspot

On a very different note, when asked about his reaction on the recent blaze at Dasani Studio, Mir said, “Being associated with a popular Bengali satellite channel I am shocked on the incident. Thank God only loss of property has been occurred but not the loss of lives. I would request all studio owners and government or private organizations to introduce fire safety measures and maintain them. Those installations need to be checked and replaced time to time for the safety of the people. Few days back it was Bharatlaxmi Studio and the super-speciality AMRI hospital that burst into flames. Such incidents should not repeat.”