"I didn't know my wish will provoke so many wannabes": Kussum Arora

By Faisal Saif

Mumbai, April 15, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): From the time South Indian film actress Kussum Arora posted her wish on her social networking profile about being imprisoned instead of Sanjay Dutt, many small-time strip-for-a-cause models came forward and called it a publicity stunt. Nisha Yadav and Sshakshi Chovan are the two names amongst the list.

When contacted about the controversy, Kussum laughed and replied "I didn't know my wish will provoke so many wannabes at the same time. I never made a press release out of this, but just posted my love towards the actor in my way on my private facebook profile. Some media friends made a news out of it and that was the end of the story. I don't need to do a publicity stunt out of this as my debut Telugu movie was a blockbuster, I have recently rejected a big project 'Gulab Gang' opposite Madhuri Dixit and I have a decent resume with me for a back up. And the small time models you are talking about, trust me, I have not even heard their names before in my life. I think these models should concentrate on searching some other issue to strip instead of making me their target."

If a Google search is performed with Sshakshi Chovan and Nisha Yadav's names, it becomes easier to understand the two small-time models need some publicity desperately. But Southie Kussum Arora would like to stick to her claims as she adds "I am still sticking to my wish. If the Government of India permits, I am ready to face the sentence instead of Sanjay Dutt. But I do not wish to comment further on any such claims coming from any small-timers."

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