Shubanjan Roy's Jigyasa Chinho Bangla Movie Screened: Review

By Barshali Banerjee / WBRINN

Arnab Banerjee as Inspector Bikram in Kolkata Bangla movie Jigyasha Chinha
Arnab Banerjee as Inspector Bikram

Kolkata, April 12, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): Bengali film ‘Jigyasha Chinha’ by debutante director Shubanjan Roy was recently screened at Priya. Understanding the story can be challenging.

The attempt to maintain ambiguity in the script and dialogues has resulted in an incomprehensible murder mystery involving three parties and one crore of liquid cash.

Director Shubanjan Roy of Tollywood Indian Kolkata Bangla Movie Jigyasha Chinha
Shubanjan Roy

A man named Noel comes to spend one night at a resort near Darjeeling carrying a huge amount of money. He gets introduced to Joseph and Malini - a couple who conspire to murder Noel for the money. But when Joseph points the gun at Noel and finds it empty, he realizes he himself has been betrayed and is killed by Noel with help of his sweetheart Malini. Later, Malini dies of shock on encountering what she perceives to be Noel's supernatural apparition. Subsequent incidents are interesting, and occasionally confusing to the viewer. Murder, Blackmail, Buried Treasure and whatever else the director could think of are thrown in, making the film sometimes unintentionally funny.

Though fragile in its script, the film is not as unbearable as its name suggests.

Acting is a big concern in the film - the actors have to go a long way if they want to survive in the Kolkata Bangla movie industry.

Among the great number of newcomers, Mrinal Mukherjee and Sumit Sumaddar portrayed their roles well. Arnab Banerjee as the cop has justified his character in the dramatic murder mystery.

But weak direction has failed to extract the best of the veteran’s talent - lack of directorial vision has made good actors look brittle in the film.

Art direction, editing and cinematography are barely tolerable in the film. The worst is probably the color balancing.

At the end, the purpose of making Jigyasha Chinho remains exactly that - a question mark.