The Day Roger Ebert Met With Subhash Ghai

Roger Ebert and Subhash Ghai

"Roger Ebert invited me in 2001 specially to the Chicago Film Festival to show my film TAAL. This was the first  time any Indian film was screened to a pure American audience who had never seen a Bollywood film." says Subhash Ghai about meeting Roger Ebert for the first time after being invited to Overlooked Film Festival in Chicago for his film Taal.

Roger Ebert passed away on the 4th of April this year to cancer but he has left behind an undauntedly powerful legacy as one of the most respected movie critics from the US.

Says Subhash Ghai," We were in touch with each other and met at Cannes many times. He was a powerful critic in Hollywood cinema for many decades and much respected personality in the film world. God bless his soul.”

In the words of Roger Ebert : “Taal” is underway. It’s in Hindi, although the characters occasionally switch to English, which is the only language spoken in every part of India. Uma translates for me: “This is a rich family. There is a dispute over land. The son has come home from America. The father is that man with the very deep voice. His name is Amrish Puri.

Read the entire review of Taal by Roger Ebert here.

Subhash Ghai, Anil Kapoor and Akshay Khanna