Interview: Bipasha Basu chats with Sunny Malik in London - "I go for a daily run at Hyde Park"

Bipasha Basu
Bipasha Basu (Photo: Anjum)

London, UK, April 6, 2013 (Washinton Bangla Radio): Bollywood diva Bipasha Basu is back in the UK.This time for Bollywood Showstoppers, a spectacular music show that also features Pakistani singing sensation Atif Aslam, Bollywood item queen Malaika Arora Khan and singer Shaan.

The Raaz 3 actress will be seen performing with Bolly Flex, a British dance troupe, at The 02 on 7th April 2013 in London. Basu spoke to Bollywood Reporter Sunny Malik ahead of the show about the UK, films and much more.

Welcome back to the UK. You were here in 2011 filming for your Hollywood film; Singularity. How was that experience for you?

Bipasha Basu
Bipasha Basu (Photo: Anjum)

It is always fascinating to shoot in the UK because the people are lovely. I can do things here that I love to do. I can walk around and be myself. It’s always nice to be here in the UK. I have had a few hectic months and I was looking forward to have a bit a breather. The few days that I have been here, I have really enjoyed myself and I am feeling really relaxed.  I have had really good food and walked around a lot. I am now looking forward to the show.

What do you like to do when you come to London?

I eat a lot (laughs). I love SNOG (frozen yogurt) and scones with clotted cream. I basically love high tea. I am always eating when I am in London. But I am simultaneously working out and I go for a daily run at Hyde Park. I don’t miss that.

You went straight to Selfridges from Heathrow when you landed for Bollywood Showstoppers a few days ago.

I did (laughs). I slept in the flight and caught up on a film. I actually wanted to see Argo for the longest time. So, I slept in the flight and ate a lot and went straight to Selfridges and then I bought a lot of things. It is really embarrassing (laughs).

How did Bollywood Showstoppers come about?

We have been trying to put together shows for the last five years. Besides the IIFA, I don’t think there has been a show with actors here. The last time I performed in a world tour was 2003. That was a time when I had just begun my career. I was supposed to be part of The Unforgettable show but because of a film I had to back out last minute. I have been planning to do shows for the longest time in the UK. When Naz (Bolly-Flex) came up with the idea, I knew that there will be mostly singers and performers involved and I will be the only Bollywood actress, but I was still very excited. I was still excited that I will be performing in the UK. I also love Atif Aslam. I would actually want to just sit and watch while he performs.

You once tweeted that you wish that Atif would sing just for you.

Bipasha Basu
Photo: Anjum

(Laughs) I say a lot of these things and that’s the fan side of me. But when I am working professionally, I don’t behave like that.

Would you say that performing on stage is harder than anything else you do?

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I am not a trained dancer which is why it is harder for me. I never learnt dancing. I was a science student wanting to be a Doctor. I have learned Bollywood dancing while I was doing my job. In my initial years when I started acting, I did not want to be part of films which required me to dance because I was so inhibited. From No Entry I started to enjoy Bollywood dance. I believe that it is not about the technique but more about the fun that you are having while doing it and that is all I do. When I am on stage, it is more about being confident, looking good and just enjoying what I am doing. I am not a Hrithik Roshan or a Madhuri Dixit or a Aishwariya Rai Bachchan, who are fabulous dancers. I have to put in a lot of effort. I am a girl who loves working out (laughs). I try to make my acts on stage look strong and energetic and not very delicate because that does not suite me. There is a lot of thought process involved like what people like to see and there are popular songs that you have to think through. It is tough.

What can we expect from your performance?

Bipasha Basu
Photo: Anjum

It is going to be a mix of all my hit songs. You will see me in a western style and also in an Indian one.

Tickets are available at the official Bollywood Showstoppers event web-site >