Beg Borrow Steal gets tough on Angira

Season 10 of Beg Borrow Steal gets tough on Angira

Mumbai, April 3, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio / After having to face failure in her very first task, anguished Angira is all pepped up to take on the penalty task and prove her mettle. For executing her penalty she is sent to the nearby Mandal Dairy.

Angira is given two penalties out of which she has to make a choice. Her first option comprises of carrying a “tokri”full of cow dung all the way to Sanchi. The second option is more tiring and exhausting as it comprises not only of selling milk at Rs. 40 at the nearby dhaba, but also milking the cows.

Choosing to sell the milk, she sets out on her penalty task striving hard to accomplish it without getting into an argument with the producers.

Post the completion of her punishment she battles her lodging with the hotel manager. Will she succeed?

What’s more? The drama begins the next morning when Angira faces a rough clash with the crew and she storms out without cameras for her next task. On reaching her task destination: BadiMandi, her local competitor and proverb is revealed. The task is based on the on the popular kahaavat (idiom) ‘aamdani atthanni kharcha rupaiya’.

Will angry Angira taste the fruit of success in her second task or will again take the route of penalty?

To find out tune in to Beg Borrow Steal 10 on Friday at 7pm!