"The Play" Bangla Movie: Characters and Story Preview from Dubbing Studio

By Priyanka Dutta / WBRINN

Writer, Director Ranjay Ray Chowdhury
Writer-Director Ranjay Ray Chowdhury

Kolkata, April 1, 2013 (Washington Bangla Radio): Ranjay Ray Chowdhury will be soon making an entry in Tollywood with his debut film “The Play”. The dubbing of the mystery murder Bengali thriller film is in progress at a studio located in Ballygunje Place in Kolkata. Present at the dubbing was Anindya Chatterjee, Sampurna Lahiri, Indrasish Roy and the writer-director of the film Ranjay Ray Chowdhury.

Indrasish Roy, Anindya Chatterjee and Sampurna Lahiri

Indrasish Roy, Anindya Chatterjee and Sampurna Lahiri
Actors Indrasish Roy, Anindya Chatterjee and Sampurna Lahiri

Indrasish Roy looked handsome in a white tee and blue jeans. While relaxing during a break, he gave our correspondent a sneak peek into his character in the film.

The name of the character that he is playing is Mainak. “Mainak is a character who we see every day. He is the typical guy next door. I did not have to do anything special for doing this role. I just could be myself. The character has come to Kolkata to become an actor and is very dedicated to achieve this goal”, said the actor.

Indrasish Roy has just completed shooting for another film “Hrid Majhare” and did not get the time to consider any other film scripts as he was busy with the celebrity cricket league.

Though he has no plans yet of returning to television, he may be seen again there in the coming days.

Director Ranjay Ray Chowdhury who was busy with the dubbing talked about his first film in detail. “The film is named The Play as it is about a theater group which stages productions in an international style. A murder happens in the group and in the course of the film the murderer is revealed”, said the director. The film is a thriller and it has been mainly shot in Kolkata. Joy Sarkar is the music director of the film. The film has four songs, a theme song and a remix. The director’s next venture will be also be a thriller.

Actor Indrasish Roy
Indrasish Roy

Bengali actress Sampurna Lahiri plays the role of Anya in the plot of The Play. She was present at the dubbing. In between the friendly banter with Indrasish and Anindya while dubbing for the film, the actress shed some light on the role that she is playing. Anya is a smart confident model who is also involved with stage theater but not seriously.

Actor Indrasish Roy
Actor Indrasish Roy

The actor who plays the negative character Raj in the film ‘The Play’ is Anindya Chatterjee. Raj is the son of an influential businessman and has some negative traits in his character. “My biggest challenge was to portray myself as a spoilt rich brat and to bring out aggression through my acting which my character demanded” said the actor. However the actor also added that he loved playing the negative character as the roles that he had been playing till now was the happy-go-lucky types. This challenged him to step out of his comfort zone and helped him to explore his acting skills.

Tarunava Dutta
Tarunava Dutta

Others in the star cast of The Play Mumtaz Sorcar, Neel Mukherjee, Rajesh Sharma and Rajdeep Gupta.

The film is in post production stages of its production and will soon hit theatres to thrill the audience.