Interview: Dr. Shehla Agarwal on Skin care, Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery

By Bidisha Bagchi

Dr. Shehla AgarwalDr.Shehla Agarwal is a well known name in the field of Dermatology, Skin care and Cosmetic Surgery. With years of practice, she conducts workshops on educating people on skin care, anti- ageing and other skin and hair related problems all over the country and abroad. She is closely involved with the print media as she regularly writes monthly columns on skin care for leading dailies in India. She spared some time from her busy schedule and spoke to WBRi about skin care, treatments and cosmetic surgery.

Why did you choose Dermatology as your specialization?

Dermatology is the most advancing field where new developments are empowering the doctors to achieve much more than what it was, 20 years ago. I wanted a patient oriented, non emergency branch which was clinically satisfying, so dermatology filled all the slots.

To a large extent our skin’s vitality depends on our overall body health, what is your say?

Skin and hairs are the mirrors to your internal health which includes physical and spiritual health. If you have the vitality for life, you can have good skin. It is not only a covering, but also the most important organ which gives us the sensations of touch and it brings one in touch with the world. A healthy skin means a healthy you.

 We read a lot about how derma is becoming more and more a cosmetic specialty, what would you say on this?

A good skin makes you ready to face the world with confidence. Though we talk of inner beauty, a well groomed personality is the key to let people know the inner you. Looking good is always on everyone’s agenda and we were always relying on grandmother’s recipes, our beautician friends tips, but who better to guide than dermatologist who knows the function, textures and functioning of skins. Earlier we dermatologists would only repair other people’s mistakes. With passing times better tools are available and field of AESTHETIC dermatology has expanded, but still we are qualified personnel who you can approach for the skin ailments too.

What are the types of treatments now popular for skin care and cosmetic surgeries?

There are varieties of treatments offered for the skin: there is ‘Yoga for the Skin.’ This includes ‘Oxymax’ and ‘De-pigmentonex.’ Skin Care programmes include skin glow and rejuvenation treatment, even complexion and pore size reduction and acne management - reduces new acne and heels scars. There are Glycolic treatments for the face and back and hair treatment regimens that prevent hair loss, helps in re-growth and controls dandruff. There is also Dermabrasion for acne scars. Skin Surgery has quite a few treatments; skin biopsy with pathology reporting, skin tag removal, DPN (dermatosis papulosa nigra) removal, Warts - Viral infection, Mole Removal, Corn Removal- Superficial corns & Deeps Corns. Finally are the Lasers which are used for hair removal and specific laser treatments for pigmentation removal, moles, birthmarks and tattoo removal.

Do you think the current generation is concerned about the health of their skin and follow the rules of “eat healthy for a healthy skin''?

Today’s generation knows that there are no shortcuts for good health but the time crunch and the advertisement onslaught of short cuts tempt them into buying and sparingly using the products sometimes take precinct over healthy eating.

Do you consider cosmetic specialty to be a great career for young students of current generation?

It is indeed a vibrant field where you can choose your field of interest and if you have the creativity and patience to deal with people; it is a very satisfying field. Your work speaks a million words and when people ask your patients the contact details of their dermatologist, you feel fulfilled.