Interview: Actress ANINDITA BOSE on Bengali Movies BHUTER BHABISHYAT and KHASHI KATHA - A GOAT SAGA (2012) & Other Films

By Bidisha Bagchi

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Bengali Actress Anindita BoseMichigan, USA, April 12, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) Bengalis the world over know her as Nalini, Ratri or the smart and confident television journalist Jhinuk Sanyal. They have also started to know her as Rinka in Anik Dutta’s Bhooter Bhabishyat and will now see her in quite a few Bengali films.

Anindita Bose is a dynamic young actress in Tollywood Kolkata Bangla movies. She spent some time chatting with WBRi after her hectic shooting schedule to talk about her upcoming film Khasi Katha - A Goat Saga and future projects.

You have started your career in TV. How did this acting thing happen?

Actually the acting thing just happened by chance. I am a graduate from a Fine Arts College and I came to Calcutta to be an Art Director and wanted to do set designing for films. The head of Bengali television channel Star Jalsha wanted me to audition for a role. At that time I could neither speak nor read Bengali but he insisted that I gave a try. I went ahead and got selected for the mega serial Bou katha Kou and after that there wasn’t any looking back.

Bou kotha kaw, Ganer Oparey & Adwitiya were highly successful TV shows and you were already a super star of the small screen when offers for films started coming in, how was the transition?

Well, I started Bou Katha Kou in 2008 December and I started to shoot for my first film in 2009 itself. So I wouldn’t say there was any kind of transition. I was getting offers from both sides, simultaneously. My first film was ‘The Clerk’ by Subhadro Chowdhury and Prosenjit Chatterjee was the hero. It wasn’t really a commercial film and hence did not get much recognition anywhere other than the film fests. I got quite a few offers but I was a bit choosy about the roles that were offered and while being a part of an ongoing television series, it is extremely difficult to give time to a film project. But yes, I do enjoy working for both.

Bhooter Bhobishyot is a good film, how does it feel to be associated with it?

Oh, it was an overwhelming experience to be associated with that film. Bhuter Bhabishyot actually did not have much publicity and we were sad because a lot of hard work had gone behind the film. The collections during the first week were quite depressing; due to low publicity there wasn’t really a crowd to watch the film. In fact, in South City there wasn’t even a show time allotted for the film. But just by the word of mouth, amazing direction and script the movie picked up and is now running to packed houses. I feel very proud and lucky to be a part of this project.

Tell us about your latest film Khasi Katha - a goat saga. What is the significance of this title?

Actually, there isn’t any significance as such. The film is directed by Judhajit Sarkar and this is his first film. It’s a sort of a tale that is not real. It’s called a goat saga because it is a tale of a ‘Khasi’ (goat) who is to be butchered soon. He has to narrate a tale to the butcher and if it is liked by him, the goat might get saved otherwise get butchered. It’s a story within a story. The tale that the goat is narrating here is my story, the story of a girl, Salma who belongs to a very lower middle class family. Her dream is to be a boxer and it’s her entire journey of being somebody from nobody.

Naseeruddin Shah is also a part of this film, how did it feel to share the screen space with a stalwart like him?

Well. I have not really shared any screen space with him but it is definitely great to have him back in Bengali cinema.

When is Khasi Katha - a goat saga due to release? What other films are you working on currently and what is your dream role?

Post production work is on and dubbing would start soon too. We are aiming for an August release. I am a part of Srijit Mukherji’s upcoming film ‘Hemlock Society’ (it’s a small role) and will play a lead role in Star Jalsha’s next tele-serial. Well, about dream role, there are two, Charlize Theron’s in Monster and Rani Mukerji’s in Black.