Hyundai Launches "Live the Uber Life" Campaign in India

Mumbai, April 10, 2012 (Washington Bangla Radio) With the launch of the new iGen i20, Hyundai India kick starts a campaign called “I live the Uber Life”.  Uber life, which in literal term means a life beyond the usual, is something that everyone dreams but few can achieve. This campaign invites users to share their Uber life moments with Hyundai in the form of images, videos and text on their social media properties namely Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest.

Share your Uber life; being a 360-degree campaign is promoted across both the offline and online platforms including print, TV and digital media.

With major gratifications like fully paid couple tickets to Srilanka for the T20 World Cup, iPod-shuffle, Samsung Galaxy Notes, this campaign is definitely something that can’t be missed.