Interview: Past life regression therapist Minal Arora on healing the past to create a better present

By Bidisha Bagchi

Minal Arora

Minal Arora is one of the most successful past life regression therapists in India. She prides to have done her internship under the famous author of “Exploring the eternal soul”, Andy Tomlinson from the Past Life Regression Academy in Singapore. A successful IT professional, she was drawn to PLR for gratifying her inner quest for doing something that had deeper meaning and purpose in life.

Minal spoke to WBRi about her vision to educate and spread the awareness to as many about how their past life karmas create blocks in their current life, just calling out for getting released.

Healing the Past to create a better Present: How would you explain this to common people?

Each moment in our present reality is a manifestation of our sub-conscious mind or also referred to as our soul. Why we attract a particular emotion, life situation, relationship or ailment has everything to do with what our sub-conscious wishes to experience in that moment. Just as a theatre actor when given a choice, chooses a difficult role for the promise of higher growth, our soul chooses a difficult life or life situation. In order to change any unpleasant situation, relationship or experience in our present reality or in order to manifest a future which is devoid of our failures & misery of the past, it is necessary for us to heal it’s impact. Our sub-conscious memories, beliefs and thought patterns are transferred lifetime after lifetime, till there is anything that is not as per the natural effortless existence of the soul. This is why in spite of knowing it’s safe to swim, we could be afraid of water or in spite of knowing there was a 100% chance of success, we fail or in spite of knowing someone is a good person, we tend to dislike them or resent them.

With the descend of the New Age, I believe this planet will be entering into a new dimension in terms of energies & experience. If we consider the science of astrology, it claims that other planets like Saturn, Venus and Jupiter play a vital role in the journey of each individual by settling the major characteristics and milestones in one’s horoscope. Imagine the impact that this planet’s rising energies will be making on our emotions & our journey. Each moment as we move into the transition period for the New Age starting Dec 2012 and ending Dec 2032, we are experiencing shifts in our energies leading to a lot of disruption on the emotional & physical levels. This means all the negative energy, emotions & karma that our sub-conscious has been storing from ever since will be released for us to be ready to enjoy the higher energies of this planet. This process is intense and currently happening at all levels of our physical reality as well. If we look around, on one side there are economic scams being exposed, terrorist attacks, earth quakes, Tsunamis and on the other side there are more and more people moving towards spirituality, meditation, chanting & holistic way of life. Both negative and positive energies on the planet and getting released in a way to give rise to a new energy called “neutrality”.

Our evolution is a natural and effortless process. Each moment we live, we evolve naturally. One has to do no effort or healing to experience evolution at the soul or sub-conscious level. Only that as we are moving into higher energies, there is an inherent need in our system to match-up to the rising planetary energies and hence the need to expedite our journey through healing.

What is past life connection?

Past Life Connection is an initiative to help people heal their blocks to effortless living in the areas of ailments, emotions, relationships, life situations, finances & spirituality. We all store memories of unresolved past lives in our sub-conscious and when the same situation occurs again in our current life, where we were unable to sail through in a past life, it gets extremely challenging and many times we fall prey to patterns unless we address it otherwise. The biggest reason for us being unable to get anything or anyone we want is when we want them in our conscious mind but our sub-conscious has an unworthiness for the same. When both the conscious & sub-conscious are in alignment, whatever it is that we desire is instantly manifested.

It’s possible now to heal our past, including our unresolved past lives so that our present and future are free of the failures of the past and can deal with each situation, emotion or person afresh. It’s about empowering ourselves to have a life we always desired.