First Multi-Media eBook Novel with Self-Contained Music Soundtrack Released

Los Angeles, CA, April 28, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / PRWEB) Cathedral Rock Publishing is proud to announce the release of the 1st multi-media e-book novel to contain its own music soundtrack: Cathedral of the Senses, the sequel to the cult classic novel, Trick of the Light, which was touted by critics to be “One of the Top Ten Most Inspirational Books of All Time.”

Cathedral of the Senses - Stephen SmokeThe iPad version of Cathedral of the Senses allows readers to hear music written specifically for the novel by merely touching the screen at appropriate points in the novel. If the reader wants to download the entire song or the album, he or she may do so by touching the screen again and purchasing the song or album.

"This is a revolutionary product. In many ways, it changes everything," says Stan Corwin, former president of Prentice Hall, Pinnacle Books and Tudor Publishing.

Next week Cathedral Rock Publishing will publish The Big Bite, a controversial work about the Book of Genesis.

"What we're doing is taking the eBook a significant step further," said Cathedral Rock Publishing's John David Balla. "The writing is on the wall and traditional publishers need to pay attention."

Critical Mass Has Been Achieved

Last October Amazon sold more digital books than hardcover and softcover books combined. And that was before the “iPad ebooks and Kindle Christmas of 2010.” Publishers who believed they could ignore digital publishing for “a few more years” can no longer afford do so. Critical mass has been achieved. Most paper-oriented publishers are invested in traditional publishing. Their full warehouses, dwindling paper revenues and shrinking margins are linked directly to the exploding digital publishing revolution.

Does that mean that publishers need to shut down their paper publishing operations? Absolutely not. But publishers need to make smart decisions and they need to make them quickly.

“Paper publishing is still with us, but every quarter its profitability diminishes,” says Cathedral Rock Publishing’s Stephen Smoke. “If you’re a publisher, we don’t have to tell you that. What most publishers are looking for is a plan to re-purpose existing assets in a realistic way. A way that acknowledges and leverages existing assets, yet creates a clear path into the digital publishing future.

“Simply digitizing old books is a rookie mistake,” explains Smoke. “And unlike consultants who come in with lots of theory and leave you scratching your head trying to figure out how to implement their ideas, we pride ourselves in our ability to follow through and create results.”

Cathedral Rock Publishing does 3 things that can change your business and lead it into the Digital Publishing Future:

1. Create a Digital Publishing Plan. CRP looks at existing assets and determines how best to use those assets. Specifically, CRP determines what books/assets can be re-purposed and in what form. Some books should be digitized and made available at attractive price points. Others should be digitized and given the “e-book on steroids” approach that includes audio/or video. In a tight-margin business, making these choices—including knowing when to do nothing with an asset—can mean the difference between a profit and a loss.

2. Set up Cathedral Rock’s proprietary “The Book is The Store” program. This is a unique approach that CRP brings to the table. Once a digital book that includes audio and video is designed, CRP links the video, using cutting edge technology, to a download site where the publisher can sell other digital products, e.g., audio and video seminars, all of which cost a fraction of what a book costs to produce and deliver.

3. Implement the Plan. Typically consultants come up with “theoretical” plans and leave. Cathedral Rock Publishing will not only come up with the plan, CRP helps you implement it. CRP does that by working with a publisher's staff for an agreed upon period of time so that the plan is working, and the publisher's employees are trained to keep the plan going and even improve on it as technology changes and opportunities arise.

Who are Cathedral Rock Publishing?

Stephen Smoke is the author of 29 books (19 novels), including five bestselling psychological thrillers with HarperCollins (Black Butterfly, Pacific Coast Highway, et al.), as well as the socially-conscious “Bill of Responsibilities” series. He also wrote and directed several feature films, including “Street Crimes” starring Dennis Farina. He founded and published “Mystery Magazine,” and published the first online mystery magazine, “Hamilton Caine’s Mystery Digest” in 1984 (on CompuServe). He created the first “continuing education credit” online seminar in 1997.

John David Balla has been a consultant for some of the largest software and Fortune 500 companies in the world, including Microsoft, IBM, Xerox, Kaiser Permanente, John Hancock, The United States Postal Services, and countless others. He now splits his time between Sedona, AZ, and the Sacred Valley of Peru, where he pursues his creative interests, and advises individuals and businesses on Internet marketing and distribution matters, as well as digital migration in the New Economy. He lives with his life partner Joan, and their two cats, Joe and Elahn.

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