Interview: Film & Theater Actress Sonali Chatterjee (Bengali Movie Kono Ek Meye, ETV Serial Sholo Ana and more)

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[Kono Ek Meye (2011) Bengali New Movie Poster]April 25, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Actress Sonali Chatterjee chats with Arijit Chakraborty in this candid but indformal audio interview on Washington Bangla Radio.

Sonali Chatterjee plays the lead role in the Bengali film Kono Ek Meye directed by Indranil Banerjee (interview). Sonali grew up in the Dumdum-Nagerbazar neighborhood of Kolkata, and after graduating, commenced on a career in acting with roles in Television programs. She is a lead actress in Bengali TV serials (like the mega-serial Sholo Ana on ETV Bangla [watch live Bengali TV channels online on PC or TV]) and her recent films include Sunando Mitra's Ogo Bodhu Sundari (2010) where she played the role of Opekkha, Satabdi Roy's Paribartan (awaiting release), Rituparno Ghosh's Shob Choritro Kalponik (2010) [buy Bengali film DVD in USA], Aniruddha Bhattacharya's Box Number 1313 (2009) [USA DVD release] and others.

Sonali is herself an avid enthusiast of drama and the art of acting. Interestingly, Sonali started performing roles live on stage after starting work in TV shows - Sonali says, and you will agree, this is usually the other way around for most actors. Her debut in the world of theater was with a drama group called Manchajoddha, and at the time of writing, she is performing regularly with the group.

Sonali is also a singer (a fact that she does not publicize much) and loves singing Bangla adhunik (modern), Rabindrasangeet, Atulprasadi, Nazrulgeeti and so on.

About her experience with shooting for Kono Ek Meye, Sonali tells us how the director Indranil Banerjee allowed a lot of space to the actors to allow the actors freedom to perform in their own way. She shares with us some of her enthusiasm and joy of making Kono Ek Meye.

Kono Ek Meye: Synopsis

[A still from Kono Ek Meye] [A still from Bengali Movie Kono Ek Meye]

“Human being has made a rapid progress through the history, from living in a cave to space walk, from Dark Ages to Renaissance, from illiteracy to computer age. However, through all these changes one fact has not changed at all and that is the cruelty to women. Women have been subjects of atrocity by superstitions, religions, traditions and male egos.
Women need to think highly about themselves, respect their nature and gender and shed the old images of women and make a new, respected entity of their own.”

Any solution?

[A still from Kolkata Bangla Movie Kono Ek Meye] [A still from Calcutta Bangla New Movie Kono Ek Meye]

A girl has born in a middle class family, An astrologer who is a family advisor and tantric, was called to bless her, and from as early as her six years of age, were mistreated and used as sexual beings by her one and only uncle, her mother’s only brother, whom she trusted the most. She dreams of something very scary and mother took her to the astrologer. Astrologer advised her and told her to be more careful.

[A still from New Bangla Movie Kono Ek Meye] [A still from Bangla Cinema Kono Ek Meye]

When she is in her teen, she loved a boy who after their strong relationship, proposed her for separation. She again felt lonely and helpless in this cruel world. She went to the astrologer and the astrologer again gave some advice and shown sympathy. She dreams about her sexual relationship with the boy but suddenly she sees her uncle with her on bed. She wakes up and the transition takes her to a middle aged girl who is already married now.

[Kolkata Bangla Cinema Kono Ek Meye] [Calcutta Bangla Cinema Kono Ek Meye]

She now works in a private company and faces several dirty looks inside office from her colleagues. When she returns home, four street boys sit just beside her house everyday and chat, passes nasty comments on her. One day her office boss directly offers her to spend more time with him after office or in weekdays, to give him company. She was shocked and at night when she tried to express her feelings to her husband, she is been raped by her husband, without her consent. She dreams that without those four boys sits beside her house, her uncle, boyfriend and the office boss is there. She wakes up.

[Calcutta Bangla Movie Kono Ek Meye] [Kolkata New Bangla Movie Kono Ek Meye]

Lastly she again went to the astrologer. Now the astrologer is shown and she questioned him why a woman in the society is always taken as a subject of sexual pleasure. Nobody ever cared about the pain and agony of a woman. Why all people behave like dogs to a woman. Finally the astrologer told her that she has a hidden power which creates this entire problem. He told her that in the next dark, she should come to her temple and they will meet. He also offered her doing sex with him, as a result, there will be a transformation of power from her to the astrologer, and the astrologer will be the most powerful saint in the world and she will get relief from every pain. Now she is totally down and depressed. While returning home, she saw those four boys were sitting and laughing in the same way. She feels very scary everyday to enter the lane but today she approached to them, and without them she saw as if her uncle, boyfriend, office boss and the astrologer is sitting. This was the protest against the society, her approach and felt this is the only way out.

Cast & Crew:

[New Indian Bengali Film Kono Ek Meye]Indian Independent Cinema: Kono Ek Meye

Sonali Chatterjee
Rituparna Biswas
Samrat Banerjee
Soumik Ranjan
Arun Chakraborty
Proloy Sengupta
Adrika Banerjee (child artist)

Cinematography – Siddhartha Dey
Editor – Ujjwal Mukherjee
Music Director – Tapan Sinha
Song – Nazrul song
Singer - Nupur
Production Manager – Sambhu Munshi
Chief Assistant Director – Sudip Nag
Story, Screenplay, Concept, Direction – Indranil Banerjee