Bengali Film Review: Jibon Rang Berong (2011)

By Aditya Chakraborty

Chiranjit & Debashree Roy in Jibon Rong Berong

Calcutta, April 22, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Sanghamitra Chaudhuri (interview) who has directed films like ‘Raatporir Rupkatha’, ‘Premer Phande Kakatua’ and ‘The Bhut of Rose Ville’, has made ‘Jiban Rang Berang’ which is easily her best film till date. The film has a social message and is more than a decent film.

It tells us about Subol and his wife who are childless and bring up his two younger brothers like his two own children. One day they are asked to vacate the place where they stay as it is on rent. Subol takes V.R.S. and gets some amount of money which he gives to his brothers to build a house. After the house is built, the brothers start ill treating Subol and his wife and they leave the house and go away.

He is given shelter by Lalon, a paanwalla whom he had helped one day. Lalon helps him get a job at a company one day as the owner used to frequent Lalon’s shop. With time, due to hard work and also a certain incident, Subol becomes the Chief Accountant of the company and becomes very close to Abhishek. He also helps Abhishek get married to a blind girl Neetu whom he loves.

Both Subol’s brothers are in dire straits and one of them even land in jail. During that period, one of the brothers turns up at his place and takes 10 lakhs as the house has been mortgaged. When Abhishek comes to take his money one day, Subol discovers that a certain amount is missing and he suffers a hear attack. After he recovers however, he discovers that his brother has paid back the money and also Neetu is no longer blind. They again start living together in their house.

The film tells us that such things happen around us all the time and all the people that we see in the film are real and are characters which we have/might come across in our real lives. It tells that people who are not blood relations can be closer and better people than your own blood. Greed, dishonesty, degradation are all qualities which exist in a big way in our society and the film has wonderfully portrayed that. The film is a bit dated as it was stuck for quite a while and we can see Soham who hadn’t become as famous as he is now. Swarnakamal Dutta, who had acted previously in Sanghamitra’s ‘Jeena’ is okay as the blind girl Neetu. The supporting cast is good especially the late Kunal Mitra as Lalon, the paanwala. Undoubtedly the film rests on the shoulders of Chiranjeet and Debasree who do carry it through. Just one song was unnecessary - the song featuring Soham and Swarnakamal which comes out of the blue and shows her to have her eyesight though she is still blind at that time.

Your own people can hurt you more than others - that is the social message of the film and Sanghamitra does finally deliver with this film.