Mata Ki Chowki

Mumbai, Apr 18, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / PRLog) Nisha tells Kutila about seeing a woman (Sakshi) in Asha’s house and feeling the same feeling of strong and strange connect with her. Nisha later dreams about Sakshi saving her from a dark dungeon. She is determined to know more about Sakshi. Sheel performs a yagya for the Agni sarp to appear. He then asks the Agni sarp (snake) as to why is Nisha not getting her powers and turning into evil.

Rajni invites one of her relatives, Shakti over to the Tekriwal house and says that he is Asha’s would be husband. Asha and Sakshi are shocked. Nisha makes a quiet entry into the Tekriwal house but Manorma sees her and misunderstand her to be a cook. Nisha sees Asha and Sakshi suffer torture at the hands of Manorama and gets angry on them. The Agni sarp is about to bite Nisha but Sakshi sees it.

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