DMD mini skirt of Deepika Padukone’s to be auctioned for charity

Mumbai, April 20, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / Kreation Guru) The superstar of the very popular Hindi film, Dabangg, and one of the outstanding heroes of Bollywood, Salman Khan, is all set to run an NGO (non-governmental organization) called ‘Being Human’ or officially ‘Salman Khan Foundation-Being Human’. The NGO is expected to do some exceptional work of charity.

To aid him in his endeavour towards ‘Being human’, the producer-director of the film ‘Dum Maro Dum (DMD), Rohan Sippy, has come forward with an idea, to auction an item for the charity that would raise every normal thinker’s eyebrows, and that is Deepika Padukone’s skimpy skirt which she wore for the title song of DMD, Mit Jaye Gham, composed by Pritam Chakraborthy. The skirt will go for auction and its proceeds will go towards Salman’s charity. According to him, the demand for that piece of clothing is high seeing how the new look which Deepika donned in the song won every viewer’s heart. They are all excited about seeing Deepika’s sizzling dance to the music in the movie and many would want, therefore, to possess the skirt, maybe at any cost.

The auction is to be conducted online through DMD’s official website and will be supported by a portal involved with film memorabilia auctions.

Salman Khan may look boisterous on the silver screen but in person is found to be humble and thoughtful of others. He is a good example of a philanthropist. Earlier, charity events have been organized by him and he has also donated bone marrow in the past. The plans to raise funds for the charity are through the sale of watches, T-shirts, various accessories and even original paintings of Salman Khan. For this reason, the skirt found a place in the suggestion for raising funds for the NGO. Why Deepika’s skirt is suggested for the auction is because while the DMD team was touring the country, they discovered that the masses were excited about the costume though the song track in itself faced a lot of criticism. Rohan Sippy expects that the auction of the skirt for a charity may now sound out a good message.

Anahita Shroff Adjania is the designer of the now-famous skirt which has thin metal sheeting woven with chiffon in the cloth giving a gentle shimmer. A leather band then holds the skirt together. Anahita was the one who was actually responsible for the on-stage looks of Deepika. She designed her skirt, her blouse and styled her hair with feathers and a tattoo on her body giving her that look of a rough beach girl.

During the filming of the movie, Deepika had actually refused to wear the skimpy skirt designed by Anahita because she found it interfering with her dance steps, though Rohan Sippy, the director of DMD, insisted that she manage with the skirt. After much argument, it was decided that Deepika wear shorts with tassels on them to make them look like a skirt. Yet, the release of DMD proved that the controversial mini-skirt finally won over the shorts.