Sohan Roy Launches World's First 3D Movie Web-Site for DAM 999 (2011)

[DAM 999 3D Website]
[DAM 999 3D Website]
[DAM 999 3D Website]
The world's first 3D movie web-site: Sohan Roy's DAM 999 3D (2011)

Dubai, April 19, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) April 19th 2011 will be a special day on the U.A.E calendar as Mr. Sohan Roy unveils the World’s first 3D movie website for DAM999 and it’s Novel in the city of Dubai.

 DAM 999 3D: Trailer

With the much awaited launch of the novel, BizTV Network, the production house of DAM999 will unveil the 3D website for the movie, which will go in the history as the world’s first 3D movie website.  This new creative avenue opened by the makers will make the audience realize that they themselves are now a part of the movie on screen. This initiative is expected to be a trend setter for all upcoming 3D movies which prefer 3D websites rather than traditional flash ones. All the images in the gallery have been made stereoscopic to share the feel of the actual movie. The website would provide numerous video downloads, wallpapers and screen-savers in both 2D and 3D format.  The 3D website has been created by the in house software team of BizTV network.

Director Sohan Roy began the project DAM999 in 2007. The movie is a message to the world about the overlooked dangers of outdated dams; the realities of the marine world; the tradition, culture and forgotten medical cures of the Indian history; the pain and pleasure of being in love and the nine hidden but living emotions of a man.

Sohan Roy learned that the diversity involved in the story needs to be explained equally well in order to reveal the actual message of this piece of work. He began writing the Novel DAM999 in 2008. Roy’s experience of 10 years in authoring many articles in various magazines and publications came in handy for the perfect completion of the novel.

Sohan Roy went further to the production of ‘DAM999 – The First International movie from the mariners’ and the documentary ‘DAMs the Lethal Water bombs’ inspired from his own Novel DAM999.

DAM 999 was mentioned as one of the 30 most awaited movies this year by the Berlin film festival trade publication, “All lights Film Magazine” and has been a major look out in the media for the past one year. The short documentary ‘DAMs the Lethal Water bombs’ released as a curtain riser to DAM999 won the Award for ‘Best Documentary Short’ at Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood 2011. It was also screened at SIGNS 2011, International Film Festival of Tampa Bay 2011 and the 4th Annual Charleston International Film Festival.

16 National and International award winners from 9 different film industries including Hollywood and Bollywood have been roped up for DAM999 to create magic on screen.  The international crew has Eric Sherman as the project consultant, Rob Tobin as the Script Doctor and Uzma Xina Kang as the Casting Director. A line-up of veteran actors like Ashish Vidyarthi, Rajit Kapur and Gary Richardson along with multi-faceted actors like Vinay Rai, Vimala Raman, Megha Burman (interview), Joshua Fredric Smith (interview), Jaala Pickering, Linda Arsenio and Jineet Rath form the cast of DAM999.

Soon after the launch of the 3D website viewers can log on to for the unusual visual treat.  DAM999, the movie is in its final Post production stage to be released in 2011 in 3D.