Paoli Dam, the Bengali Actress is all set to walk the red carpet at Cannes

Kolkata, April 18, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / Kreation Guru) Paoli Dam is a Tollywood actress hailing from Kolkata, West Bengal. She has been on the big screen since 2006 with her debut role in the film ‘Agnipariksha’, in Bengali.  She shot to fame after her film, Kaalbela in 2009, directed by Gautam Ghose, a prominent film director of Tollywood.

Her looks, dusky complexion and the excellence of acting all match up with those of the famous actress of Bollywood, the late Smita Patil. For this reason Paoli is called the next Smita Patil’.

Paoli began her career in the year 2003, acting in a number of TV serials in Bengali. She gained recognition for her good acting on ETV Bangla through one of her TV serials called Tithir Atithi; this became the turning point for her to go from TV serials to Tollywood.  She has acted in quite a few films including the two mentioned above. They are Agnipriksha (2006), ‘I Love You and Tulkalam (2007), Hochcheta Ki, Rangamati and Aamar Pratigya (2008), Mallick Bari, Kaalbela, Jamai Raja and Box No. 1313 (2009), Actor Alive, Banshiwala, Jhar Sheshe, Bangla Banchao, Hurumtaal, Mati O Manush, Moner Manush and Thana Theke Aschi (2010), Takhon Teish and Kagoier Bou (2011).

The latest news about Paoli is that she is to attend the Cannes Film Festival this year which will be from May 11-May 22. She will be given a red carpet welcome because of her film, ‘Chatrak’. The film has been selected for the section called the Director’s Fortnight. Paoli will be walking the red carpet with Vimukthi Jayasundara of Sri Lanka, the director of the film. Paoli was in Mumbai, shopping in a mall when the news reached her. She is ecstatic about the selection of the film and the honor bestowed on her. According to her, she could not have made it without the support of Vinod Lahoti, (the producer of the film) and Bappada (the film’s executive producer, Bappaditya Bandopadhyay). She is now very eager to visit Cannes.

Some information about the place and the occasion will be helpful so as to know where and how Paoli will be honoured. Cannes is a beautiful city in France where the prestigious and the world’s first film festival, the Cannes Film Festival, was held in 1946. The festival continues to be held every year since then, generally in May. The last when it was held was in 2010 from May 12-May 23. The jury president last year was Tim Brown, the American director of films. This year, at the 64th edition of the festival, it will be Robert De Niro, an American actor. The festival is organized in different sections viz. the official section, the parallel section, the Director’s section in which the Tollywood movie ‘Chatrak’ is selected, International Critics’ Week and other sections and events.

‘Chatrak’ is a Bengali film, and according to Bappaditya Bandopadhyay, the movie lacks nothing when it comes to competition at International level in cinema. He expects to receive great honour in the competition section of the film festival.