Amar Shopner Prithibi (2011) Bengali Film Preview

George Baker, Angshuman, Raju Samaddar
George Baker, Angshuman, Raju Samaddar

Anshuman, George Baker, Sonali, Arpita Baker, Raju Samaddar
Anshuman, George Baker, Sonali, Arpita Baker, Raju Samaddar

Calcutta, April 18, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Pohela Boishakh  is the first day of the Bengali year and we, the Bengalees across the world, believe the day is the best to start on a project to make it successful.

Ma Tara International Creations is not an exception. The Kolkata film production house arranged the mahurat of their new Bengali feature film titled Amar Swopner Prithibi on the day at Moon City Studio in south Calcutta.

Raju Samaddar, son of famous director Bablu Samaddar of Anjan Chaudhury gharana, is starting his directoral career with this film produced by Asish Chatterjee. According to the director , Amaar Shwopner Prithibi is a musical as well as action-thriller enriched with film songs performed by playback singers Shaan, Subhomita, Raghav, Khusbu, Javed Ali, Amit Ganguly and Mita, and acting of Anshuman Gupta, Sonali Choudhury, Kunal Padhi, Biplab Chatterjee, George Baker, Santilal Mukherjee, Raju Thakkar, Ramen Roy Choudhury, Arijit Choudhury along with debutants Ayush Sengupta, Ritu Banerjee and Kushan Majumdar.

Partha Banerjee has written the story, the script and the dialogue of the film.

Raju Samaddar, Biplab Chatterjee, Angshumaan, Sonali, George Baker, Arpita Baker, Ayush and Ritu among others were present at Muharrat.

The unit is expecting to complete shooting within May and to release the film during 2011 Durga Pujas in Kolkata.

The locations of the shooting are mainly tourist spots of Bengal as well as famous Tollywood studios.

The story of the film revolves around a nursing home “Dream View” owned by a famous and honest doctor Avisek Roy who is trying to make “Dream View” a dream home to the patients with the help of his FRCS son Rahul. But the administration of the nursing home, the MP of the locality, the medicine distributor, mafia don along with the police are against Avisek’s dream.

Deep, the son of a school teacher, raises his voice in protest and is supported by a journalist - Souvik. Police Commissioner Anirban Cahtterjee also supports them. Then Deep, Souvik, Rahul and Anirban helps Avisek make his dream true.

The strong cast and crew raise our hopes of great Puja entertainment with this film.

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