King Khan states that they will miss Saurav Ganguly dearly

Kolkata, April 17, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / Kreation Guru) IPL season 4 is the talk of the town these days. Everybody seems to be bubbling with the latest in IPL, on TV, on internet, on mobile phones, in magazines and even face to face. But nothing has caught people’s attention more than the exclusion of the former captain of the Indian Cricket Team, Saurav Ganguly from the KKR. His exclusion has marred the season 4 of the IPL but more so of the public of the city of Kolkata, the city of Saurav Ganguly.

Team KKR (Kolkata Knights Riders) had won against Team Hyderabad in a match just a couple of days back but the absence of Ganguly was felt by the local people so deeply that the triumph of the game was celebrated with negligible jubilance.

Shah Rukh Khan, the Bollywood super star and the primary owner of the KKR, has been facing loads of controversies every day concerning KKR, and has been trying his level best to protect the team’s morale from dampening and to save his face. He shot back at the many controversies put up against Team Kolkata and the sidelining of Saurav Ganguly, saying that the aim of the team is not just to earn money. He has been heard repeatedly saying that Kolkata was Saurav’s city and that they will miss him dearly.

Eden Gardens seen partially full during the KKR-Team Hyderabad match was an obvious concern for SRK and an unspoken resentment by the pubic of Kolkata due to slighting of Saurav Ganguly from the game. Shah Rukh Khan looked upset, and confessed that the heaps of controversies laid before him, not only  now but over the past three years, were very depressing and hoped that the days of controversies were over for good. He said that against all odds, his team has continued to keep playing. He expressed his confidence in his team that, though in a T20 match format no one is sure of a win, KKR continued to play on. He worded his appreciation for the Kolkatans that even when they had lost, the team felt their love. He said that he was sure that if the team played well, all would come to see the match.

Saurav Ganguly did not come to the Eden Gardens to watch the IPL match between KKR and Team Hyderabad and his absence was heavily felt by the pubic watching the IPL and the players of Team KKR. According to Shah Rukh Khan, Saurav Ganguly, the ‘Prince of Kolkata’, was invited for the match but he could not make it. Shah Rukh Khan further expressed the unity of the team with Ganguly by saying that the hearts and minds of Team KKR were with Dada (lovingly referring to Ganguly in Bengali language). The superstar of Bollywood was hopeful that Ganguly would make it to other IPL matches.

After the win of KKR against Team Hyderabad, SRK was happy but did not express his joy as he generally does; he said that this was because he was growing older.