Bangla Movie Review: PC Sorcar Young's Son Pouroosh Sorcar's Thunderous Debut in Tollywood with BAAJ (Bengali, 2011)

By Aditya Chakraborty

[Pourush Sorcar - Hero of Bengali Movie BAJ (2011)]
Pouroosh Sorcar - images © Aditya Chakraborty / WBRi

Calcutta, April 16, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Baaj is the film about a group of guys who try to set things right whenever anything goes wrong in the locality. These three guys Baaj, Bishu and Santu are the best of friends where Baaj is the leader of the group.

Baaj falls in love with a girl named Priya. Later on they even fall in to the trap of a local M.L.A and their lives are destroyed.What happens next remains to be seen in the new Tollywood Bengali film release.

While the film has Angshuman, Sneha and Pouroosh Sorcar in the lead, not many other notable characters are present except Mrinal Mukherjee. The acting performances of the lead actors could be improved upon. The songs, direction and plot could also have been more impressive.

The film has been written and directed by Bahudar Chakrabarty, who also deserves credit for the dialog and screenplay. There must be a good, albeit unclear, reason for dubbing the voices of two of the male lead actors - a choice whose result is debatable.

Sneha's looks in the film try to fit in, and her acting falls short of spectacular.

How does ‘Baaj’ get his name? It seems that when he was born, there was a thunderstorm and lightning and that is why he is named as Baaj. His mother reveals this information to Baaj with a remarkably expressionless face!

Baaj is a low-budget film, and the producers have fallen short of overcoming this aspect of the film in terms of quality of the print.

The most important thing about Baaj is that Pouroosh, a magician himself and son of P.C.Sorcar Young and the only grandson of P.C.Sorcar Sr, makes his Tollywood debut with this film. It is unfortunate that the film is less than impressive.

Pouroosh does show a few magic tricks of his in this film and has said that he will continue to do so in every film of his in the future as well.

Washington Bangla Radio looks forward to great performances from Pouroosh Sorcar going forward.