Video | Toronto Bengali Drama Group Presents Bangla Natok "Suborno Onguli" (The Golden Finger) by Nirup Mitra

Bangla Natok: Suborno Onguli

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Sri Nirup Mitra

The Toronto Bengali Drama Group performed Suborno Onguli (The Golden Finger) on stage on Saturday April 16, 2011 in Toronto, Canada.

The play Suborno Onguli is at once intense, controversial and ‘unputdownable’.The play centers around a drama involving a sweet and innocent woman Preetika, who is about to be married when a medical procedure destroys her whole future.

The play raises important questions about the medical profession – is a renowned surgeon always right?

Dr. Harisadhan Kumar a leading surgeon makes decisions that ultimately ruins Preetika – but was his action motivated by a thirst for money or influenced by the Hippocratic oath to save a patients life at all costs?

Above and beyond all that this is a story of love – Preetika’s love for her fiancé, demolition of Rita’s unfaltering love – Prosenjit’s love for his girlfriend and his profession, the love that makes it necessary to somehow save Preetika from the dire consequences of a medical error of judgment.

Cast in order of Appearance

Sam Oberoi

Ranju Chowdhuri

Pritish Mitra

Sushovan Mahalanobis

Dr. Shyam Baruri

Tapas Banerjee

Rita Haldar

Champa Mukherjee

Dr. Prosenjit Majumder

Pradipta Chatterjee

Dr. Harisadhan Kumar

Arijit Chakraborty

Dr. Subrata Kar

Deb Kumar Nath

Atish Roy

Jayanta Mitra

Dr. Jamir Karan

Bapi Banerjee

Barsha Roy

Ratna Mitra

Dr. Joy Samanta

Deb Kanti Majumdar

Dr. Meera Mehta

Seema Chanda

Dr. Ketaki Laha

Moumita Choudhury

Dr. Arindam Rudra

Kalyan Sen

Preetika Roy

Aunonya Majumdar

Ward Attendants

To be supplied

To be supplied


Sonam Sen

Riddhi Sen


Ajanta Gupta

Kalyan Sen

Set Design and construction

Pradipta Chatterjee & Kaushik Roy

Light Design

Brad Trennaman


Tapas Banerjee

Sound, Video & Recording

Neil Tathagata Mahalanobis

Costume, Music & Direction

Tirthankar Mahalanobis