Bengali Film Review of JIBON RONG BERONG (2011) From Special Screening in Kolkata

Subhomoy Mukherjee attended a special screening of Bengali film-maker Sanghamitra Chaudhuri's latest release and reports in his unique Bengali-style English which we all love and have only lightly edited. - Editor

[Sohan and Swarnakaml in Tollywood movie Jibon Rong Berong]
Sohan & Swarnakamal

[Chiranjit & Debashree Roy in Bengali film JIBON RANG BERANG]
Chiranjit and Debasree Roy

Calcutta, April 13, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) The unit of the Tollywood Bengali film Jibon Rang Berong has arranged a special screening on 11th April, 2011 at Bijoli Cinema Hall, Kolkata.

The film is enriched with acting of Chiranjit, Debasree, Soumitra Chatterjee along with popular actors like Soham and Swarnakamal. So everybody hopes to watch a powerful film but the film is based on the story of typical Bengali family melodrama.

Subal ( Chiranjit ) is the head of the family and all of his brothers, their wives adore him a lot. They, as joint family, stay in a rented house. Suddenly they have got the notice to vacate the house. Suddenly they fall in a dire situation and to come over the crisis, Subal decides to take voluntary retirement to utilize all his retirement benefits to build a new house for his family.

Subal has spent all his money to build the home hoping his siblings will take care of him in future but the behaviour of the brothers and their wives has changed towards Subal and his wife Meera ( Debasree ) after shifting to the house and Subal, along with his wife, decides to leave the house to avoid all the controversies. Then Subal starts to find a job to meet their expenses and one young struggling industrialist Avisek ( Soham ) gives a job to Subal.

Subal, as a dedicated and eligible employee, helps his company to turn around. Pleased Avisek promotes him to the post of Accounts – in – Charge. Subal gradually becomes moral guardian to Avisek and convinces his father (Soumitro) for his marriage with his beloved, a blind girl, Ritu ( Swarnakamal ). In the mean time, Subal’s siblings start illegal activities but they end up losing all the money.
One of them has been arrested.

Their wives then come to Meera and beg their apology. Meera requests Subal to forgive them. Avisek’s father donates his eyes
to Ritu and dies afterwards. The film has a happy ending.

The film is lengthy (problem for most of the Indian films) with weak and common script. The strong acting of Chiranjit, Debasree, Soumitro and Soham strive to elevate the film above average. Since we are expecting a lot from young  generation directors, we hope to watch stronger meaningful films from Sanghamitra in future.

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