Most of the seats in Eden remained vacant as Dada was missed

Kolkata, April 12, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / Kreation Guru) The IPL 4 is in full season now. Just yesterday, April 11, 2011, KKR (Kolkata Knight Riders) played for the first time in their own city which is also the city of the Indian cricketer and the former captain of the Indian National Cricket Team, Saurav Ganguly.

The excitement of the IPL at the Eden Gardens about the IPL combined with the presence of the Bollywood star, Shah Rukh Khan, the main owner of KKR, was observed to be dulled. This was contrary to the expectations of the organizers who expected the stadium with a capacity to seat 63,500 to be jam-packed; the spectators that turned out at the stadium were just 20,000 odd.  Several were encouraged to watch the IPL with complimentary tickets. 

The reason for the absentia of the Kolkata public was because Saurav was accepted in the KKR team and also because of the poor treatment of their cricket star. Their argument was that if Dravid, Laxman was included in the team then Saurav Ganguly could have been taken as well. If he was wanted in the team, why he was auctioned. Saurav is loved by the public of Kolkata because he represents them. He represented them in the past, not only in domestic cricket but even internationally. Broadly speaking, he is the hero not only of the residents of Kolkata but also the hero of the rest of India. He is regarded, as of today, as the best cricket captain in these modern times. To his credit, he is the fifth person in the history international cricket to cross ten thousand run mark and domestically 2nd only to Sachin Tendulkar. He also stands 5th in scoring the highest runs in ODIs (One Day International).  He has been ranked the 6th best ODI batsman of all times by Wisden; he is thus ranked after Viv Richards, Sachin Tendulkar, Brian Lara,  Dean Jones and Michael Bevan. Wisden is the world’s most popular sports reference magazine for cricket annually published in the UK.

Saurav Ganguly was not included in this IPL season for a reason and that was first of all, he did not perform well at the Ranji Trophy games this season and secondly, he put up his price for the IPL 4 from USD 200,000 to USD 400,000 which was unacceptable to the organizers. The dishonour handed out to Saurav by the IPL 4 organizers was unacceptable to the Kolkata public for whom he is the epitome of an Indian cricketer of international acclaim who is from Bengal.

Shah Rukh Khan also showed his respect for the absent cricketer by dedicating the victory of KKR in the IPL 4 first to Saurav Ganguly and secondly to the cricket lovers of the city. Shah Rukh Khan also openly showed his disgust and disappointment about the controversies which envelope the KKR for the last three IPL games. The second attraction for the people of Kolkata after Ganguly was Shah Rukh Khan, their Bollywood hero whom the people came to see off the silver screen.