Rabindranath’s poems to be dramatized by an Indo-Bangla initiative

Kolkata, April 10, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / Kreation Guru) Rabindranath Tagore is the most influential personality in the sphere of Bengali culture and the relevance of his works can never be undermined. In a show of respect to the Nobel laureate, a major project is jointly initiated by India and Bangladesh to dramatize few of his novels, poems and short stories. This is a good initiative and according to the dictates of the modern time, when the masses prefer to see and hear performances, rather than reading literary works.

The organization named ‘Rabindra Sahitya Natyayan’ is in charge of the project to commemorate the 150th Birthday celebration of the poet. Speaking about the project, the Culture Secretary Jawhar Sircar stated that the project is an initiative in the right direction to reach the masses easily. He farther informed that a group of ten young Bangladeshi play writers and 14 Indians will work together to create the dramas. The play writers will choose 24 literary works of the poet which they will dramatize. They will be ably supported and guided by senior play writers.

International Theatre Institute is supporting the project of dramatization for Tagore’s works. This is an international organization for promotion of dramas to enhance the cause of world peace and to encourage cultural exchanges. It is also affiliated to UNESCO. Ramendu Mazumdar is the president of International Theatre Institute. Mr. Mazumdar states that a ten day workshop will be held for the play writers at Shantiniketan. The work shop is scheduled to commence from mid June this year and will work as a common platform the group to discuss and share their ideas. This will be beneficial to the entire group feels the Dhaka based Ramendu Mazumdar. According to him they have received over whelming response to their advertisements in the news papers and they are in the process of choosing the best applicants for the job. The dramas will be published initially and later on will be staged. All the works will be carried out in Bengali language initially.

Rabindranath Tagore is well known for the plays that he created. Few of his well known dramas are the ‘Rakta Karabi’, ‘Dak Ghar’, ‘Shesh Rakkha’, ‘Baikunther Katha’, ‘Shesher Kabita’, ‘Achalayatan’ and ‘Chirakumar Sabha’. The master writer had strong plots in his plays that centered on relevant social issues of his contemporary time. The controversial themes of the dramas and strong characterization are the signature style of Rabindranath. The characters portrayed by him are some time downright radical and poses morale questions that kept the viewers thinking. Themes such as empowering the women, conservation of ecology, caste discriminations and conflicts of faith are the popular subjects of his plays. Rabindranath used to stage his plays at the house of Jorasankon and later at Shantiniketan.

Therefore, dramatizing the literary works of the poet is not a simple task and will require an in depth understanding of his work. We wish all the success to the courageous venture and hope that more such projects come up in the future.