The Glamour Factor in IPL

Mumbai, April 9, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / Kreation Guru) Indian Premier League (IPL) is a professional league. It was initiated by BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) for a Twenty20 competition of cricket in 2008. Its headquarters are in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is organized and played every year under the supervision of the Vice President of BCCI, Chirayu Amin and the IPL CEO cum chairman and commissioner, Sunder Raman. The first match took place three years ago, on April 18, 2008; 58 matches were played in 46 days in the first edition.

Lately, IPL is picking up a lot of glamour with the play. The game is programmed and played with loads of money at the forefront. Glamour is enhanced through the involvement and presence of well-known personalities more from the silver screen of Bollywood than cricket. Money is thrown for IPL team owners, cheerleaders, brand ambassadors and fun time after the matches relieving in late night parties. It is better known as a business event with social entertainment cum sports.

Cheerleaders are simply girls from abroad with skimpy dresses and glittering pom-poms whose cheering is focused on the field to boost the morale of the players; they help to make the atmosphere cheerful and add to the glamour of the occasion.

Over the last three seasons of 2008, 2009 and 2010, IPL has gained immense popularity. To prove the success of the IPL games, the female spectator population of India is observed to have risen tremendously. It is observed, that increasing numbers of women now watch IPL. With the 4th season of IPL now in session, one can simply guess on the still higher spectatorship of the Indian women population. Because of the increasing figure of female viewers of India, the glamour quotient has also spiked alongside the popularity of the IPL. This is more because the viewers love to watch famous personalities and their favourite Bollywood stars all gathered together under one roof. Since the event is based on money spinning, more of these big personalities are easily viewed on the small screen. They get to see their favourite film stars mingle with ease with the famous cricket stars; their dress code is observed for them to copy.  All this adds to gossip among the female spectators. For the rich females, it becomes a great opportunity to move to various cities of India as per the changing venue of each game of the IPL season and watch the matches live.

To further add to the glamour of IPL, post-matches parties are arranged, a feature which is now arranged on a regular basis after practically every match; fashion shows are organized and include ramp shows where the well-known personalities, Bollywood stars and the cricket stars freely meet each other. These get-togethers are grossly glamorous with plenty of indulgence in all aspects of business, love and merry-making. It can briefly be said to be a ‘mad time together’ of the elite. The common man just watches them on the TV, is delighted to see the high profile figures and gossips about the event with his/her friends.