Movie Review of Game

Mumbai, April 3, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / Kreation Guru) Game, starring Abhishek Bachchan, Kangana Ranaut, Sarah Jane Dias, Anupam Kher, Boman Irani and Jimmy Shergill is a fabulous movie that is packed with not only intense action but also unbeatable drama. Junior B who is popular for his serious, cool as well as super action kind of roles is casted optimally in this delightful movie. The stylish flick from Bollywood is a dramatic movie filled with incomparable action.
The story of this novel movie rounds around Neil Menon who is Abhishek Bachchan, a grand owner of a casino or better said, a club in beautiful city of Istanbul. He is in reality running a thriving  business of drugs. Then there is Kabir Malhotra (Anupam Kher) who is billionaire and owns a glamorous island in Greece. He will cordially invite few of people to his high island and promise to avail them fortune as well as promise to support them financially.   
Those who are graciously invited include (OP Ramsay) Boman Irani who is politician residing in Thailand and Neil Menon who is a drug dealer; in addition to (Vikram) Jimmy Shergill who is an upcoming star of Hindi movies. All of them have one thing in common which Kabir Malhotra unveils in his initial meeting. All of these special invitees have come across his eldest daughter Maya (Sarah Jane Dias) and her father genuinely feels that these three men were main cause for sufferings of his beloved daughter. Kabir Malhotra will try to collect evidences with respect to all three personalities and compels each one of them to confess about their integrated misdeed.
At this junction the story will get a new twist where Kabir Malhotra is murdered and these three people are greatly suspected for this incidence. In second half of the movie, Neil Menon follows OP Ramsay as well as Vikram in order to make them confess their crimes. It so appears that Neil Menon is taking his revenge for murdering his girlfriend from Vikram as well as OP Ramsay.
The other turning point in this movie is Kangana who is a cop as well as officer of investigation for Kabir Malhotra's murder who finally comes to know that Neil Menon is also a cop. Both of them will then work optimally together to solve Kabir Malhotra's murder mystery. This movie is nice where Neil Menon (Abhishek Bachchan) takes his revenge and eventually resolves the murder mystery.
Though in the initial half, this movie can perfectly hold audiences but it eventually loses its high grip in the second half where the movie moves out of track for a while. Moreover, audiences cannot find many songs in the movie that strikes a chord in the heart. Not a single song in this movie is pleasing and in addition it does not provide an opportunity to anyone to catch up. However shoots are quite excellent and the shot's background ambience taken is reasonably appealing.
Considering all the points, the movie is good for a single time pass but doesn’t have the repeat value but the classy photography, smart editing and an interesting story will earn it three out of five stars.