New Tollywood Pair Aditi and Subho debut with LOVE BIRDS (2011) Bengali Film In Kolkata: Movie Review

[New Bengali Actress ADITI]
Tollywood's new Bengali actress Aditi

[New Tollywood Film Hero SHUBHO and Actress Aditi]
Newcomers Aditi and Subho

Calcutta, April 2, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Love Birds (Bengali, 2011), a new feature film stars a fresh pair of faces in Tollywood in the form of hero Subho and heroine Aditi. From the very beginning, it seems as if Subho is being projected as a future star because not only his name right at the front but also his snap is in the form of a star of all things! More of that later! First the story.

The story starts with Raj Kumar, the Chairman of Raj Group of Industries, a multi-national company based in the USA. He is a carefree person who basks on the money left by his father and doesn’t know value of time.

He comes back to Kolkata after twenty years to meet his grandmother and attend a Board Meeting, too. “Kumar” - that’s what his grandmother calls him.

Taking the opportunity of this visit, the Regional Manager Devraj Mullick arranges some business sessions for Raj Kumar so that Kumar can be engaged in the business and take responsibilities. But it doesn’t work.

During a trip back home Kumar sees a girl - Tina. He likes her to a great extent and asks her to marry him. Tina coincidentally happens to be the daughter of Devraj Mullick.

Tina has her own principles and tells Kumar to prove himself to be a self-made man by earning a minimum of five thousand rupees in a month without the help of his background. Kumar, determined to get the love of his life, takes to the roads of Kolkata.

While he is searching for a job, he meets Koli and she helps him get a job in a jewellery shop where she is also employed. Koli falls in love with Kumar, whose personality attracts her. But before she could confess it to Kumar, he leaves the job after working for a month and goes back to his beloved Tina.

The rest of the story revolves around Raj Kumar, Koli & Tina. Will Kumar get his love Tina and marry her? Will Koli’s silent love succeed in getting Kumar? What is going to happen at the end? Well, since he is a changed person now, his heart also changes and he goes back to a particular person. Who is that? Koli or Tina?

The songs aren’t too great though the first song is nice. In fact a couple of them are unnecessary and Subho looks uneasy in the dance numbers. The editing could have been a little better. The subplots about Bhola Tamang and others are completely unnecessary and don’t add anything. Also they are not all funny though the actors were seen laughing out loud in the theatre.

Not much can be said about Aditi, the newcomer as she is okay. Arumima Ghosh as Koli is very good and is one of the best things about the film. One wonders why we don’t see her more on the big screen instead of continuously seeing completely non-happening actresses.

The story is good and the film could have been better had a more suitable person been the male lead instead of Subho. He simply doesn’t have the looks, height or anything else of a male lead and his acting isn’t too great. He is much better as Raju than as Rajkumar. His looks suit Raju, don’t suit a character like Rajkumar as he doesn’t have the personality to carry it off.

Just speaking English won't do, somehow it feels as if the actor playing the role is not used to speaking the language and he seems to look out-of-place on screen. In one scene when Rajkumar is seen entering the board room, his tie is undone and his shirt is fully buttoned. How can he be a Chairman of a company when his Manager is more properly dressed than him? Also which Chairman has a convoy of 4-5 cars following his car?

The film would definitely have been better had there been a different male lead as the story was good.