A Review of “Memories In March” that tells the story of an unusual Love

Kolkata, April 2, 2011(Washington Bangla Radio / Kreation Guru) Tollywood’s movie ‘Memories in March’ is an unusual story about two men in love and much more. The movie is directed by Sanjoy Nag. This is the first time he has directed a movie. The producers of the movie are Srikant Mohta and Rituparno Ghosh and the story is written by Rituparno Ghosh. The music is by Debjyoti Mishra (WBRi Interview) and cinematography by Soumik Haldar. The center stage of acting is taken by Rituparno Ghosh, Deepti Naval and Raima Sen. Initially, Jaya Bachchan was offered the lead role instead of Deepti Naval but she was unable to take it up because of her involvement in other projects. The film was released on April 1, 2011.

It is an emotional drama based on real life experiences. The movie is in English with colorful splashes of Hindi and Bengali. The story relates to the heart of every viewer and is made touchier by the outstanding acting by all the main artists. It shows a strong bonding which develops between a mother of a deceased man and his lover who also greatly feels the loss of his friend.

Deepti Naval plays the role of Aarti Mushra who is a 50 year old divorcee and lives in Delhi. Her husband lives in the US with another woman, Claudia. Her twenty-eight years old only son works as an executive of an ad agency in Kolkata enjoying a lavish lifestyle. He dies in a car accident in Kolkata. For this reason Deepti goes to Kolkata to complete the last rituals and to get her deceased son’s belongings. In her four-day stay on Kolkata, she is helped by her son’s colleagues, Raima sen (as Shahana) and Rituparno Ghosh (as Arnab). There and through his friends she learns of her son’s secret engagement in a gay relationship with Arnab. The information comes to her as a deadly blow as she always thought her son to be a normal man with the usual sexual attractions. She is devastated to know the naked truth and initially puts the blame of ‘seducing’ her son on Arnab. She finds it next to impossible to come to terms with the real story. It surprises her as to how her son could have overlooked the beauty of Shahana and be involved with bald Arnab. She laments that if only she knew of her son’s such relationship earlier; she could have shown him to a psychiatrist and got him relief.

It is gradually that she learns and begins to accept that it was her son’s preference to be with Arnab with no fault of his friend. Along with carrying back the belongings of her son, she is overburdened to carry back with her the truth of her son’s secret gay life. A bonding develops between Arnab and Deepti Naval over the common loss, she at the loss of her only son and he at the loss of his only personal friend.

Deepti Naval and Rituparno Ghosh have together done a commendable acting throughout the movie, capturing the emotions of the viewers, and surely deserve applause.