Interview: Deepa talks to DJ Vix on Asian Star 101.6 FM radio's The Drivetime Show

[Deepa]London, UK, April 1, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio) Radio host Deepa plays athe superhit Bhangra-fusion song "Ah Chak Botal Daru Di" by DJ Vix & Shin, and talks to DJ Vix, the award-winning writer-composer-singer himself on the popular The Drivetime Show on Asian Star 101.6 FM radio in UK.

DJ Vix talks about how is busy on the road doing shows since his last album release "The Moviebox Vixtape" (download mp3 audio album), and his latest hugely successful single "Glassy Nachdi" (download full audio song mp3 ).

DJ Vix is also a producer now. When Deepa asks DJ Vix when he started DJing, Vix says for as long as he can remember. His elder brother is also a DJ, and Vix had access to his brother's equipment, trying his own stuff scratching records and so on. It was in 1996 that Vix became a professional DJ.

His first album, Dhol N Bass Uncut (MP3 audio album download), was released in 2002.

About enterting the world of producing, Vix says he is first and foremost a DJ, having built up credibility over many events, small parties to huge functions and weddings. He hit a point where he started thinking of doing something else now, and stepping into production was not a regression for him.

Listen to Deepa chat with DJ Vix. We thank Deepa and Asian Star 101.6 FM for sharing this with us and you.