Bangla ( Bengali ) Alphabet Book | A fun way to introduce your kid to the Bengali Language

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This is a great book to introduce the Bengali ( Bangla ) script to your child in the United States or other countries where the social environment tends to make your kid more comfortable in English or the local mainstream language, unlike in Bengal where Bangla is learnt naturally.

There are four sections in the book:

  1. Vowels the Bengali Language, introduced with a picture of a Bangla word beginning with the vowel. The pronunciation is also provided using transliterated English, as well as the English equivalent word.
  2. Bangla Consonants, also introduced by associating a picture of a Bengali word beginning with the consonant along with an approximate pronounciation in English, as well as the English word equivalent.
  3. This section introduces the conjugations of consonants with different vowels, and the resultant variations. Also, the commonly used variations of the same letters are introduced.
  4. This section introduces Bengali numbers, and counting in Bangla.

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