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Babukishan Baul - Krishnendu Das Baul - son of Purna Das Baul - grandson of Nabani Das BaulKrishnendu Das Baul, popularly known as Babukishan Baul is a Multi-Instrumentalist Music & Dance Instructor, Composer, Performer and Film Music Project Designer.

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Babukishan comes from an old and very traditional Baul folklore family. His grandfather, Guru Shri Nabani Das Baul, was a much celebrated singer and poet who was instrumental in bringing the Baul culture of Bengal to fame with the respected and admired status it enjoys today. Nabani Das Baul often collaborated with the writer of India's National Anthem, a great poet, and winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1913, Rabindranath Tagore, in popularizing the music of the Baul. Babukishan's journey started in early childhood, his first 7 years of life were spent living with his grandparents Sri Nabani and Brajobala Dasi, learning and experiencing a deeply authentic spiritual Baul way of life.

Nabani Das Baul opened the doors for his people to the world. In keeping with this tradition. Babukishan's father, Samrat Purna Das Baul, a modern, popular legend among the Bauls, opened up the doors even further by collaborating and jamming in live performances with the top Western and European acts of the 20th century. Babu is a music designer, singer, and author renowned in India for his work in both the recording and film industries. He plays a variety of music combining new age, and world fusion, with traditional folk music in authentic Bengali Baul style.

Tantra: Dekhechi Rupsagore Moner Manush Khancha Shona

Babukishan began his career as a performer by accompanying and studying the arts with his father, Purna Das Baul. He also participated in numerous youth folk festivals, traveling to places such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Great Britain, all of Europe, the United States, and Canada. He played with both the Asian Performing Arts Festival at the Royal Albert Hall in London and the Worldwide Youth Festival in Carnegie Hall in New York.

Soul & Body: Kemon Kore Bolbi Hari Maroner Dine

From this beginning, he is traveling most of the world from 1980 to 2006 as a composer, music & dance instructor, performer. Babu also excels in instruments making, music, dance and spiritual practice, kirtan, chanting, baul of bengal / mystic music & dance workshops.

Bhakti Yoga: Por purusher pirit jodi shashtre thake mana, Radhar pirit hoye ki kore khanti sholo ana

Babukishan, deeply inspired by his Father and Grandfather, knew at an early age he too wished to compose and perform. He began on the soil of Bengal but clearly he was destined to belong to the world of music. His journey started in early childhood when he joined his mother, Manju Das, and his father, Purna Das, playing and singing Baul music in global festivals. Despite the many world tours, Babu also found the time to study Indian philosophy and Folk music at the University of Kolkata where he eventually secured both his BA and Masters degrees.

Human Circle: Diney Diney

So it was that his formal professional career in music began with his family. He toured with Bob Dylan's The Band East & West tour in 1985. In addition, Babukishan has performed with other international artists such as Alice Cooper, Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, Miles Davis, Allan Fakir, George Harrison, Herbie Mann, Third World, Robbie Robertson, Garth Hudson and many others.

Love Bird: Dekh Premer Pakhi Urey Urey Eshe Boshe Amar Gaye

Through the subsequent years, Babu put this solid foundation in music to good use by composing and performing in all areas of India's entertainment industry as well as in a variety of venues worldwide. Then, in keeping with his early dreams of a unique style of his own, he turned to the music of the western world that he had become so familiar with in his early years of performance. His use of Baul & Indian rhythms combined with the Reggae produced his own brand of World Music: Babu's New Age, Bengali Folk Fusion is the result.

Bhakti Yoga - Peace and Love: Shudhu Premer Premey Manush Je Jon Hoye

Babukishan has also worked with top Indian musicians and singers and music directors such as R. D. Burman, Ravi Shankar, Sultan Khan and Zakir Hussain.

Birds - Jai Guru: Deho takey shuddho kori nityo Ganga Joley

As a composer, Babukishan has written the music for several albums, TV serials and films (composed music for eminent bollywood film director Shyam Benegal's "AROHAN"), earning a good reputation as one of the most promising composers in the Bollywood (Indian cinema) music & film industry of India. In his recordings, Babukishan features folk music, romantic songs, pop songs, ghazals, Qawwali music, new age, fusion, Sufi music and bhajans (devotional and spiritual songs). He is the first singer and music composer from the rich Baul family tradition to venture into fusion music by combining Baul/Sufi music with Western music and Reggae music. Babukishan produced and directed two documentary films about folk music and he wrote a book titled The Bauls of Bengal. One of Babukishan's latest projects is the band "Gypsyindia", which he founded. It combines new age, world music / traditional folk and fusion music. His album Soulmate (Universal/Music India/Starmusic) creates a unique new generation music worldwide, and his latest album, Birds, deewana deewana - sufi music & soul mind & body: first time baul in Hindi."GYPSYINDIA" is authentic traditional based on baul and sufi music written and composed and all the instruments played by Babu. This album was recorded at Woodstock, New York during his tour in 2004.

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