Hindi Movie: Reema Mukherjee's Ardhangini Ek Ardhyasatya (2010) - Subrata Dutta, Sreelekha Mitra, Manoj Mitra

Ardhangini Ek Ardha 

Satya Hindi Movie

March 31, 2010 (Washington Bangla Radio) Ardhangini Ek Ardhsatya is a Hindi film directed by Rima Mukherjee starring award-winning actor Subrata Dutta and award-winning Bengali actress Sreelekha Mitra in lead roles. The film is complete and ready to be released, says Subrat Dutta in an exclusive interview to WBRi Kolkata Tube.

Jai Tank's Madholal Keep Walking for which Subrat Dutt won the best actor award at Cairo Film Festival is also awaiting release in Indian theaters. This feature film is set around the infamous Mumbai train blasts.

Reema Mukherjee has adapted Rabindranath Tagore's acclaimed 1914 story Ghare Baire into a musical- style film in Ardhangini Ek Ardha Satya. The film is considered a remake of Satyajit Ray's classic Ghare Baire (Bengali, 1984) [DVD] also adapted from Tagore's story, starring Soumitra Chatterjee, Victor Banerjee, Manoj Mitra, Jennifer Kapoor, Swatilekha Chatterjee, Gopa Aich, Indrapramit Roy, Bimala Chatterjee and more.

Interestingly, veteran actor Manoj Mitra plays the same role in Ardhangini Ek Ardh Satya that he did under Satyajit Ray's direction in Ghare Baire.

Ardhangini Ek Ardha Satya is the first film directed by Reema Mukherjee. It also is the first Hindi movie for Sreelekha Mitra.

Tagore's Ghare Baire is set in the opening years of the 20th century when the British are pursuing a policy of divide and rule, creating an artificial rift between Hindus and Muslims. The middle class intelligentsia is violently opposed to this policy. Sandip Mukherjee, a leader of this political movement, comes to Suksayar, the country estate of his friend Nikhil Choudhury. Nikhil's wife Bimla is swept off her feet by Sandip's charisma and lively charm, which is in sharp contrast to her own husband's calm sobriety. Sandip, attracted to Bimala, decides to make Suksayar the centre of his political activity. Nikhil realizes what has happened. He knows that Sandip is driven more by a lust for power than any genuine patriotic motive...

The cast of Ardhangini Ek Ardhasatya includes:

Subodh Bhave as Nikhilesh
Sreelekha Mitra as the hot and sexy Bimla
Subrat Dutt as Sandeep
Manoj Mitra - Mastermoshai
Reema Lagoo - Badi Thakurain
Varsha Usgaonkar - Majhli

The official web-site of the film is www.ardhanginiekardhsatya.com. Reema Mukherjee can be contacted at 402, Excellency Building, 4 Bungalows, Mahada, Andheri(W), Mumbai - 400 053, India, Ph: +91 9870112067, +91 9870723525; e-mail satyom.ent [at] gmail.com.

Watch the theatrical trailer of Ardhangini Ek Ardhasatya online: Click here.

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